sweeping away the bloggy cobwebs...

Hello friends.
When I logged onto my blog tonight I was surprised at how awfully long it’s
been since my last post. Sometimes I just get so lost in the creating and the
everyday happenings away from the computer that I honestly forget, for weeks at
a time, my little space here. A few days ago, a new FB friend sent kinder-than-kind words regarding my blogging and I felt a longing to set life’s happenings down again, to renew the connection. I pinkie-promised myself to make more of an effort to keep track of the days here instead of putting everything onto Facebook as I find myself almost automatically doing. Facebook’s just so easy, yanno?

But my absence wasn’t solely due to FB love.

My grandmother, Ida Belle, passed away a few days after my last post. I grew very
quiet for a bit, turning inward and to the written word journal. After that,
I fell blindly into preparation for a wee exhibit at a local coffee shop, The Mojo Cafe, (still ongoing for a few weeks more) and two short stories followed that. Add a few fieldtrips and two ballets. A bit of subbing at a local middle school, after-school art. A
broken dish washer and hours of time hand washing. Days passed. The blog was neglected. But now, the cobwebs have been swept away and the good intentions are plentiful.

As I write this, there’s a little girl by my side, anxious and bouncing, pleading to take a walk around the neighborhood. I know more it's more about being out when the ice cream truck drives by and less about the exercise but I’m not saying a word…believe me, I’m all for a fudgcicle on this hot evening.)

Before I run I want to share two pics. The image at the top is called A LEAP OF FAITH. Below is the sign outside the coffeeshop.



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