and today I am grateful for...

* for packages (see above image) that land in a big wonderful surprise on the porch and incite much ohhing and ahhhing! a hug and the biggest of thank yous to the awesome misty mawn!  the GORGEOUS print is on the mantel, the journal at home, here beside me as i type (i will place found poems on the creamy, painted pages.), the cards are all around the kitchen so that i can enjoy them every single day! misty is the kindest, most generous kind of soul but many of you probably already knew that. i was lucky to get in on her pay-it-forward post on FB. soon, very soon, i must think about working on making and gathering my own goodies to send out as i have finally found my list of names and addresses from months ago.

* for the joy of writing outside in the cool early a.m. and doing my morning pages though I really didn't feel like it.

* for summer break and trampolines and lemon tea

* for pretty yellow zucchini blossoms

* for impromtu lunch picnics on patchwork quilts which turn into lazy afternoon reading sessions. i finished up "the haunting of hill house" and worked on a short story. olivia started "the secret order of the gumm street girls." i don't know much about olivia's book other than magical shoes are involved but that is enough for me.

* for re-discovering Questionaut, a computer game that I don't mind my daughter playing. It is visually breathtaking and is oh so clever!

* for a phone call in which i was told that another art piece has sold! whoo-hoo! what a good feeling when another connects with something created by my hands and heart. i am still a bit in awe over the whole process. and EXTREMELY grateful. kelly will be getting a better father's day gift this year than last and i'm so happy to be buying it with "my own" money. i was also able to place a book order on Amazon and will be having a bit of repair work done around the house soon. hopefully very soon. and all with "art money." i am loving this and sending up thanks to the heavens as i write these words.

* and for an old dog that loves me. that's her oh-no-i-just got-caught-eating-the-cat-food face.


bridgette said...

Congratulations on your sale! That is wonderful! And I loved the photo of th sign you posted in your last entry,

I am sorry for the loss you recently experienced. Sending you a big hug from Chicago. xo

Tiffany said...

Yay for so many good things! Wishing deeply I could spend my afternoons writing on the blanket w/y'all. *hugs*

Relyn said...

It may seem silly, but I love that we both do morning pages. I have taken to writing where I am along with the date at the top of my pages. It's fun to go back and reread. I'll add a line like "at the desk in the Sparkle room" or "on the deck with the dogs at my feet" I love it.

And, oh, oh! I LOVED The Haunting of Hill House. I don't know many people who have read that one. What did you think of it? Don't you just love her short story, "The Lottery"? And, I am seriously excited to have a new book recommendation to give to Sloane. YAY! You know, I just took a break and went to my library website and requested Gumm Street Girls. I noticed that it is by Elise Primavera. She wrote one of my favorite books ever - Auntie Claus. Has Olivia read that one?

I also wanted to wish you many congratulations on your art sales. YAY!! May you have many, many more.

Dreama said...

You are something I am grateful for---your appreciation of the things listed makes you one of my most favorite girls all around. That package must have been a great surprise, looks magical and I am not surprised but celebrating with you the sale of your additional artwork. I don't think you realize how well you have done with your first show of putting it "out there". Bravo, Sweet Thang!! I adore each image you post. xooxo

Lisa said...

Oh Tricia! I am so happy for you!! I saw your beautiful exhibit today and it made me so happy and proud! I love you much and love reading about the things for which you are grateful. I am grateful to have you in my life.