About Me

Thank you so much for stopping by!
-am a homeschooling mom to a sweet and talented twelve-year-old ballerina named Olivia.
-have a wonderful, talented husband, Kelly, who plays and teaches guitar. He understands my need to be creative and has this amazing ability to overlook the messes I make when lost in a creative whirlwind. This makes up for the fact that he never cooks. :)
-also share my home with a dog named Patsy (we had been listening to Patsy Cline on the way to the SPCA) and three kitties: Sadie, Sabine, and Penny Ellie.
-love stories of all kinds, especially fairy tales and good ghostly mysteries.
-have been working on a novel for a few years now. If you read my blog and you come across a mention of TPS this is what I am talking about.
-love to paint and try to tell stories that way too.
-choose to believe that magic exists alongside the mundane. I have been known to make wishes on stars and redbirds. Some of these wishes have come true.
-drink a lot of hot tea.
-am a bookaholic.
-give myself daily permission to try new things and to make mistakes. It is OK to be silly and to tell jokes badly.
-love a good podcast. My two favorites are Science Friday and Mysterious Universe (I almost never paint without Ben and Aaron).
-love to stargaze and moongaze. Lots of good inspiration seems to happen at these times.
-collect vintage photographs.
-try to make something or do something creative everyday.
-am a quote collector.
-wanted to be an astronaut or a detective when I was little.
-am addicted to making Hipstamatic and Instagram images.
-am most definitely not a consistent blogger.
-am a breast cancer survivor and wake up grateful for every. single. day.