What's Up Wednesday

Having grown tired of waiting for house elves to magically appear and tackle the dirty work, I decided last week to put on the rubber gloves myself and heed the spring cleaning call. I've been doing things like completely stripping my bedroom of everything I could move on my own. Only after giving everything a serious wipe-down could it reenter the space. Oh my, I'd forgotten how big dust bunnies could get! And I'd forgotten how wonderful a room feels after that sort of attention, when you lay back on crisp clean sheets and look around and there's not a single thing to do. Lovely!

It took a rainy sky and super-talented Jen Osborn's awesome Wednesday challenge (see her cute badge in the sidebar there to the right) to get me to the computer today. If I haven't been doing stuff purging then my head has been lost in ideas and paints. I am happy in that place but I lose crazy chunks of time there. An hour feels like a minute. Why is that? Does this happen to you?

The deal with Jen's challenge is to take a picture of your workspace on Wednesday and share what you've been up to. I love this idea!

Ok, here was my morning:

That, my friends, is a picture of the novel, the work in progress, of the last few years. Scary, huh? What you see are all of my handwritten pages: in notebooks, legal pads, whatever I could find at the moment words struck. There are also words on the computer. So...I am sorting the handwritten papers into folders labeled ACT 1, ACT 2 and ACT 3. I have a special folder for research and so on. I am hoping this will help things progress in the direction of a completed something to eventually share. I feel good about this. The story is tightening up and I am loving every minute of this project.

And a painting in process....it's about swans and what they do under the full moon when no one is watching. More on that soon.

Happy creating,



Rella said...

the swan piece is exquisite.

xox Rella

Caatje said...

That painting looks very interesting. Would love to see where it goes.

Valaine said...

Hey there! I'm back blogging a little. I needed that break! Anyways, just wanted to check in on you and see what you were up to. Glad to see you are still creating :)

Relyn said...

You are always up to the most amazing projects. I love, really love that about you.