a snip of a bird's wing, an elephant, and a girl--show and tell

Hello and Happy Monday to you!
I was determined to blog something today. It's been way too long. We have been so sick in the Scott house that at times I sincerely lost track of the days. First Olivia was down with pink eye, then a nasty upper respiratory infection. Definitely the sickest she has ever been. I held out until she was feeling almost better and then succumbed to it also. Not the pink eye, but all the other mess. I am up today, foggy headed and moving slowly, but it's reason enough to celebrate. I'm celebrating the sun and the breeze moving in the trees; I'm celebrating my husband who just finished a run with the musical "Violet" as one of the guitarists. He put in countless hours learning new material and I couldn't be prouder.

I've been working in bits and pieces on a line of bookplates to sell on Etsy.
The first is "Ready to Sail." Pieces of four images combined. A snip of a bird's wing, a ship, a growing girl and the connections with her mother.
Then, there's "Hema, The Elephant Rider", "Lizette, The Night Violinist," and "In the Zinnia Garden."
I couldn't think of a better way to combine my love of story, books and art. The shop, called The Oddest Owl, will be opening next Monday. So, please, stop back by here. I'll be sharing more bookplates (my goal is to open with 40) and there will be a drawing (or two or three) for a set of your choice.


rebecca's rainbow kisses said...

Dear Tricia,
I am glad you are feeling better. I know what it's like to have a house of sickness. We have triplets who are 5 and an older son who just turned 8. If one of them gets sick, it seems to then travel through the home and lasts a while.
I love your bookplates! They are wonderful. You have a beautiful talent and I look forward to checking out your store on Monday.
Blessings to you and yours,
at: http://rebeccasrainbowkisses.blogspot.com/

smith kaich jones said...

Oh! Sick is just such a yucky place to be - I am so glad the sun is at last shining through your windows and healing you all up. But you are using your sick time so well - I love these bookplates - they are wonderful!!!! Can't wait to see everything!


Relyn said...

The Oddest Owl is a wonderful store name.

Sue @ Collage Picture Frames said...

To be honest I was unsure exactly what a bookplate was, until I googled it, what a great thing to create.

Thinking back I remember now as a child in England receiving my Sunday School book prize with a personalized bookplate pasted in the front of the book. :)

Good Luck with your store and feel better soon...