bookplates revisited

i've taken the advice of a friend and added some color and texture to the plates. these are the ones i meant to show earlier but somehow in my semi-sick daze added the wrong ones.
and for fun, two more bookplates. more next monday. :)


Relyn said...

I like them with color better, too. Congratulations and best wishes on your new venture. You do have such a talent.

Pilar said...

Oh my goodness! These are so delightful and just delicious! Is there anything you can not do? I can not wait until your shop opens. As a fellow bibliophile, I must have some and I think they would look wonderful in some mixed media projects.

I am glad you all are on the mend. It is no fun being sick with the crud.

ps: I have a b-day package for you that I hope to send off by week's end. : D

Anonymous said...

These are just GORGEOUS!! Love them!