a small show and tell

taking the bookplate image onto the top of a pine box.

it's still a work in progress. for a minute there i thought it was done but after seeing it with fresh eyes, i see a few things i will try and adjust tomorrow.

this is my little sweetheart at school, right after a lovely conference with her teacher. this image makes me smile. there is a photo downstairs in an album of olivia when she was 9 months old, holding her head in the exact position and also wearing pink, with the light landing on her in that very way. i will find it and scan it. it would be nice to frame them together, don't you think?

and see this GORGEOUS book cover? it arrived in the mail yesterday and is here on the desk beside me as i type this. a birthday gift from the talented and so so kind and thoughtful pilar. thank you sweet friend, i love it so much!!!


Jackie said...

Love the drawing from the bookplate!! and I love the book cover. Beautiful . I am going to check out your bookplates in etsy:)

Lisa said...

I really love the drawing on the box.
Aww she really is a sweetheart. What a treasure of a photo. Great book cover. Pilar did good. :)

Christina said...

she is beautiful. her eyes tell a sweet story. : )

Pilar said...

I love your painting inspired by the bookplate. It has that deep mysticism, which resontates so strongly from you work.

I am so happy the parcel arrived safe and sound. I am glad you like the book cover. I hope you also enjoy the tunes too. xoxoxoxo

Tiffany said...

LOVE! You are amazing. Still contemplating my bookplate order. I want them ALL! *bites lip*

*big hugs*

Relyn said...

Yes, frame them together. They will be so lovely.

Amy. said...

I always love seeing your art and your beautiful daughter, too!!