Yesterday's found poem and today's bookplate winners

Her father liked sorrow freely given
passed off and down
in shining robes of

Not the happiest of my poems, but it is what fell into place as I clipped and rearranged.

Today I was able to spend time with a dear, dear friend I hadn't seen in a while. It was a great way to start the day, connecting with this soul I have so much in common with. I spent the rest of the afternoon picking through my box of old photographs, looking for images to restore and offer as digital collage sheets. The bookplates are going to offered as digital downloads soon too. And speaking of bookplates, sweet Olivia, who is on the couch with an ice pack-she fell while on a field trip today and hurt her ankle-drew two names for me. Out of the hat came the names "anonymous rebecca" and "jayne." congratulations! just email me with your pick. :)

One other tidbit of happy news---after having bandages of various shapes and sizes for 14 months, I am now officially bandage free. My wound (from a failed skin graft) has healed completely. There is another surgery in my future but not for a while yet. I am enjoying the freedom. :)

Wishing you a happy and creative weekend.


smith kaich jones said...

oh this is GOOD news - EXCELLENT news! How freeing it must feel.

the girl in your poem looks to me like anne frank. sorrow freely given.


Pilar said...

Congratulations on being bandage free! Having some experience with enduring a long period of wound care, I can empathize with the frustration of bandages and the such. I am so happy you are doing so much better! xoxoxoox

Relyn said...

So happy you are bandage free and feeling well. What a powerful, haunting poem.

Tiffany said...

You have shed your robes. I can't wait to see your shining wings. *hugs*

Amy. said...

Congrats on being bandage free!!! Hooray for you and the freedom!!

JAN said...

HI I wiash you had a followe widget so i could keep up with all you r fabulous posts sigh JANET

Susan said...

Hey Gal, sorry that I missed this post. I was in CA on vacation. So glad you are now bandage free and so sorry that I missed you at the Strawberry Festival. Hope Olivia is all better now. Hope you had a marvelous Mother's Day. Take care, Susan.

Brandie said...

You are a constant inspiration my friend.


Judy Wise said...

Oh, I do like the creepy words about sorrow and blame. Sometimes the drama gives good goose bumps and certainly your paintings always give me good goose bumps. I'm so glad you are bandage free too. Let's everybody be well now!