shop opening and bookplate giveaway

The Oddest Owl is officially open!
While I didn't reach my goal of 40 bookplates, I do have 25 with many more coming this week. There will be more mythological creatures, some circus themed plates and ones that will be great in cookbooks. I am working now on a collage involving a tightrope, a fox, and a penny farthing.

Leave a comment suggesting a bookplate you would like to see to enter for a free bookplate set of your choice. I will draw 2 names on Friday.


rebecca's rainbow kisses said...

Hi Tricia,
I love your bookplates! They are each whimsical and wonderful. I think my favorite is the greyhounds and lady. I also like "She always knew he was sweet as honey".
We have four children and tons of books for them. We have 3 boys and 1 girl. Our girl is named Charlotte Audrey Dove. She loves bunnies and doves. Maybe do a children's bookplate with bunnies and doves?
Thanks for asking for suggestions and the opportunity to win a bookplate!
Happy Creating,

Anonymous said...

I like the idea of circus themed bookplates and anything turtle related.
Good luck with the shop!

Janet said...

These are beautiful. Please give me some braaaains! I'd love to see anything with an old-timey mad scientist, frankenstein lab feel.

smith kaich jones said...

i love them all, but you know me. i'd love a kitty. :)


Relyn said...

I would love to see a hot air balloon bookplate. I absolutely love that icon.

Jayne said...

Hi Tricia! These are cool. How do you make them. How about some music ones? Here's an idea; "I woke up and music spilled out of my head." I don't know what that means but it just came to me. You know how my mind works. Call me, I can come up with more!

Pilar said...

These are quite wonderful, Tricia. I hope you make some plates with your beautiful art work. : D

Y S Lee said...

I love your aesthetic! I covet the harpy and the bicycle, in particular. May I suggest poppies or unicycles?

Christina said...

oh sweetie, it is beautiful here. a place i can rest my eyes.
a bookplate?... how about a victorian feather pen?

i think your bookmarks are love- sheer love. : )