One Wednesday night each month I get together with a lively bunch of women writers. I say lively cause you never know what's going to happen or where the conversation will go and there's always laughing involved. There could also be tears depending on the piece being read but we always find our way back to the laughter. When I'm with them I feel like I am not a day older than 24, maybe even younger than that. A bouncy nineteen even. There's also trust and comfort. And acceptance. It's a good thing and I am grateful.
I shared with them the above "found poem" (my fave of all my found poems) I put together earlier in the day and I wanted to also share it here.
I had planned to share more news/things but blogger isn't letting me load anymore pics or create links...hmmm...i will save it all for another day real soon.


smith kaich jones said...

Found poems are one of my very favorite things. I thnk the words are like little puppies at an animal shelter - take me, take me, they say, and we do, and then another row over, another one has big brown eyes so how can we resist, and soon we have a car full of the little critters, but for some reason they get along like peas & carrots & we have a poem. I love this poem, this daffodil yellow soul, trembling with such magic. I can see you as such - glowing with that magic & strength & tenderness.


Amy said...

Very heartfelt!!!
Enjoy the laughter.

Sharon said...

I will read it over and over. Wonderful that you found it and then showed us.

Karen Smithey said...

I love found poetry, and I LOVE this poem. Thank you so much for sharing it!

Relyn said...

Soon. Yes, please. Soon.

Your posts are like little presents that I open and savor.

Jeanne said...

Beautiful poem. "Found poems" that seem to jump off the page are the best kind. Your writer's group sounds so comforting. It's wonderful how it makes you feel so young at heart.

Kim Carroll said...

Very wonderful poem. Thank you for sharing.

Tiffany said...

Oh, this is just so lovely. Talk about soul-trembling! Mine is just reading your words! :)

henzy said...

a lovely poem..
your group sound wonderful, it not often you can find such a great group of people whom you can feel comfortable enough to share something as personal as poetry.