The Prince and Princess Aurora--Vadim Slatvisky and Shanna Gayer

During the past week if I dared even so much as a glance over at the computer Olivia would raise her eyebrows, giving me the look of scolding child, telling me without words that I had promised hadn’t I, no computer for one week. I did manage brief, very brief, checking of emails but that was all. Sometimes I sneak (sad to admit this) after a promise like that but this time I didn’t and I didn’t mainly because I felt poorly for most of the time away. Everyone in my family says I am trying to do too much and it caught up with me. Maybe they're right. I had to spend much of the last few days in bed, but it wasn’t so bad. Olivia and I cuddled and read. We wrote. We emroidered. Other than the feeling yucky part it was wonderful actually. I am reading several books right now that I am enjoying immensely. The first is by Neil Gaiman, titled Smoke and Mirrors. Oh my. I. love. him. My only exposure to him in the past was Coraline as a read aloud when my stepdaughter was twelve-ish. (we have not seen the movie but it's out on dvd next month I think) Olivia has me reading a book she finished a few months ago and enjoyed, The Name of This Book is Secret. I was hesitant but it's turning out to be a fun suspenseful read. A good way to pass the time. So, loads of cuddling and there has been lots of clouds and rain to go along with it all and add to the coziness.
No paintings were started or completed during the week, but lots of writing and some sketching, things that I could do in bed. I figured out some plot puzzles in the novel and wrote some scenes that I am proud of but I have also gotten stumped more than once or twice. Like I have told several people, I am not sure I even have what it takes to write a book, but as long as it stays fun I will continue to go along for the ride.
Some things I plan to research this weekend: the difference between crows and ravens, castles in America, hot springs/healing, and spiritualism.

Also, another promise-I promised some of you I'd share pics from Sleeping Beauty on Sunday. I was at both shows, the afternoon and evening, took 375 pics and would have taken more but I forgot the second memory card. Here are a few--I will post more later.
Here's my sweet Olivia as musician:
and as maiden:

dancing here with Keiran Wigglesworth and Rebekah Wellons.


Angela said...

Wonderful pictures! Olivia is so lovely dancing in her costumes. And the expression on her face is intent and happy and serene all at the same time.

smith kaich jones said...

First you should take care of yourself & get stronger & allow your body to heal - your daughter is a wise woman/girl, and quite lovely. I am sure you are a proud mom. Second, I laughed when I read your crow/raven remark - I have an abecediary (is that spelled right?) I once made years ago that began "Are all blackbirds crows?" Of course, I know they're not, but that a.b.c. start has stayed with me, and I change the the defgh etc., etc., part all the time. Either way, ravens & crows are smart & my mother has watched one build a stack of Ritz crackers as high as she could carry it, fly it to a hiding place, and return to do it again. And oh! Have you seen the films of the crows forming hooks from wire in order to retrieve food from a bottle? Quite, quite wonderful, and very humbling. The world is a magical place.

Take care, feel better. My thoughts are with you. (And those black birds, whatever they are!) LOL!

:) Debi

Jeanne said...

What beautiful photos of your dear sweet ballerina. (Thanks so much for the "diffuse effect" tip which I plan to try out.) And how lovely that you and Olivia are spending time doing quiet things together like reading, writing and needlework.
Be well,

Relyn said...

Your sweet Olivia is so lovely. So very graceful and beautiful. But, of course, you knew that already.

And, Neil Gaiman. Oh, I do love that man. So much. Have you read Neverwhere yet? I love Smoke and Mirrors, but I think Neverwhere is his best. Did you also know that the movie Stardust is based on a graphic novel he wrote? That's a terrific fairy tale of a movie, by the way. I could keep going on and on about Gaiman. One more thing only. I promise.

I just finished one of his young adult books that I think Olivia might enjoy. It's called Interworld and it's wonderful. Well, I'm off now to my library's website to get The Name of This Book Is Secret.

Relyn said...

Oh my gosh! I just got the book. Did you catch the author's name?? I am laughing. Delightedly laughing. I just love jokes like that. I wonder how many people "got" it.

spread your wings said...

your daughter is pure grace - so lovely. wonderful photos.
the quiet time together will be great memories for you both I'm sure.

Lisa said...

Oh she is so pretty. Hey, I know Rebekah. I used to sing in choir with Jaye, her mommy. I also sang with both the girls once. Fun times.

Shelley Noble said...