---no finished art to share so i snapped a pic of my last doodle from a little sketchpad i keep in my purse---

When I was Olivia’s age I didn’t get to go many places. My sister and I got days at Fairystone Park (of which I have many fond memories), visits with relatives (my favorite was mom’s Aunt Ruby), and sometimes we went camping for the weekend at Peaks of Otter. But my favorite was when we piled into the backseat of the boat-like Ford Elite and after a solid hour of driving wound up at Hills where I would spend my pocket money on Nancy Drew books. Although thinking about that drive makes me think of how Mom would pay me NOT to sing. Really she did. My dad did too. I guess that’s how I had the money to buy the books. I remember belting out “I Love a Rainy Night” by Eddie Rabbit and putting all my heart into it. I still sing like that even though I now know I can’t carry a tune. It’s ok cause singing feels so good and it’s just too hard to hold that goodness in.
I didn’t mean to ramble on about all that. I wanted to share the cool thing Olivia is doing today. She is at the Taubman Museum of Art this morning, taking a class with the creative Katherine Devine (I can’t say enough nice things about this beautiful soul and I bet I’m not the only one. She’s just this gifted person whose capacity for kindness is unlimited. We are blessed to have her in our life.) and learning about the work of installation artist, Marc Jenkins. They are going to be making a piece of their own, taking it all the way from idea, to drawing, to construction and if Olivia will let me I will share a picture of her finished work. “I’m planning on a ballerina in arabesque position,” she said.
And if you are a local, have you been to the museum yet? What did you think?


Tracy said...

I didn't get to go places very much either when I was a kid and I, too, loved Eddie Rabbit! :)

Susan said...

Shame on me. I haven't been to the museum yet. I really want to. I must make time. We weren't paid not to sing, but we had to play the "quiet game" quite often. We piled into the back seat of my uncle's car to ride to Roanoke to get ice cream on Sunday. Fun memories.

Relyn said...

Oh, I do love the opportunities you provide for Olivia. I also am still grinning about your singing. Carrying a tune isn't what matters, heart is. I love that you knew that even when you were a little girl.

spread your wings said...

haha eddie rabbit, that's a flash back.
what a wonderful opportunity for your daughter. i do hope she will allow you to share her work.

Garden Painter Art said...

Hi Trish:

I'm not a local, but I am a homeschooling mom. I have such fond memories of all the projects that my kids have done over the years. Aren't we blessed to have the freedom to educate in our own way?

Garden Painter Art

christinemm said...

Hi Tricia,
I was looking at an old blog post of mine and you were one of the commenters.

I wanted to shout out a hello!

I stopped trading ATCs in early 2008. We lost touch then. I was so happy and surprised to see your work published in a book that I was reading last summer. Then I saw more of your work published in magazines. I am thrilled for you!

I took a bit of a break from paper crafting due to time constraints and switched to knitting. I mostly do it in the 'while waiting' times or at same time as watching TV with family.

At present I'm converting the fourth bedroom from a playroom into an art and craft studio for me. In order to do more paper crafting, work with paint and art journaling I need something more permanent than the kitchen table that gets eaten on three times a day and serves as the homeschool writing surface.

Anyway congrats on the work of yours that has been published.

I'm going to link to your blog from mine.

I hope you are well!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you still sing. You're right, it's good for you. There is a woman at church who never opens her mouth during the hymns. (one advantage to being in the choir - you can see what everyone's doing in the congregation) As a child she was told she couldn't sing, so she doesn't. And she looks so sad when she's not singing. On the other hand, we have a man who can't sing and sings loudly anyway because he loves to. His neice used to tell him he couldn't carry a tune. When he got a hearing aid, he told me, "I can hear myself now. Samantha was right - I can't sing!"


Susan Tuttle said...

I can't wait to see Olivia's final piece -- I know that it will take my breath away -- she is such an old soul. I hope you are well my friend:)


Lisa said...

Katherine Devine is such a neat lady. We were lucky enough to get tickets for opening day at the Taubman but I haven't been back since. I think it's awesome. My friend, Mary Best Bova, has the little children's theater there and I really want to get there for one of their shows. Thanks for this great reminder. Lucky Olivia! :)

PCarriker said...

Now I have the song stuck in my head-lol! I had to comment because I too am working on a ballerina for an article and we have been known to offer 'rewards' for my youngest to stop talking for periods of car travel time, it's called the 'silent game':-) Great post, found my way here by way of Brandie Butcher-Isley.

Pam Carriker

Eileen W. said...

Hi Tricia,

I sought out your blog after viewing some of your artwork in a Somerset Studio I own. I love your work and am inspired by the pieces I've seen.

I am, much to my surprise, a local! I've been to the Taubman Museum of Art- just a few months ago really. A friend and I wandered around one afternoon and had lunch in the little cafe (which was pricey- we're grad students, but tasty). We went when tattoo art was on display as well as these fabulous gemstone purses- such fun.

I do hope your daughter has a fun-filled day at the museum and that her artwork fulfills her.

Have a lovely day,

jblack designs said...

Nancy Drew and singing. Can't be beat.

Your sketch looks sort of like Emily Dickinson. Love it.

Relyn said...

Hoping all is well. Haven't heard from you in a while, and find myself thinking of you.

WebKitteh said...

Hi Tricia!
{{Hugs}} to you. I am so happy to find your blog. I was thinking of you last night while flipping through a book I just bought about art journaling some of your work was published in. Can you believe I recognized it before I even read your name beneath?
You might not remember me, but I wrote you as soon as I bought the Somerset Studios issue from last Fall with your work on the cover. Your wonderful box on the cover. It's still my favorite issue ever.

Your work is so beautiful because it comes from a beautiful soul. Hope you are feeling well today. Healing wishes to you!


Relyn said...

Your blog redo is gorgeous. I feel it lets me focus more on you; your art, your amazing words. I love it. Your banner is fabulous, too.

Jeanne said...

Just peeking in...hope all is going well with you Tricia.