Olivia and I set out walking this morning with bags of library books weighting our arms. No more had we gotten out of the driveway and a few yards down the sidewalk when we look back and see our two cats Sadie and Sabine, side by side, following us. Usually when we begin our walks they are inside, curled up and lazy on the sofa. What must have running through their minds when we walked past the mailbox and kept going? They have never been past the mailbox. They always stop within inches of the post as if there’s some invisible fence. Always. I must have had the strangest expression on my face when I spotted them in full swing but the looks of confusion on their sweet faces, combined with the determination of sticking with us, no matter what, was something quite comical and has sent me into giggle fits several times today. Oh how I love my two furry brave adventurers! In the end we elected to turn back and tuck the kitties safely in the house.

We did eventually make it to the library. I found several books on drawing and Olivia stocked up on books about the ocean. We are counting down the days till we are back here again. When I chose the drawing books I had visions of sitting on the deck, a sketchpad and a few good pencils on my lap, maybe even a few watercolors on the table, and some coldpress paper. Inspiration seems to be on the breeze there. Art galleries are scattered all along the coast. Oh, I do believe there is a piece of my heart there at Hatteras and daily I feel the pull growing stronger. In my daydreams and nightdreams we have a small yellow house right on the ocean. There are window boxes and a view of the lighthouse. In these dreams I fall asleep each night chasing the light’s path across the walls, listening to the sound of the waves as they crash in steady comfort. I close my eyes now and I can almost believe when I open them I will be there, salt in my hair. It is good to dream.
If you could be anywhere this moment where would you be?


Beth said...

I would be back in a workshop with Misty without question !!!

And I'll be posting more photos of her and my art tomorrow !!!

Thanks for stopping by...and I must say, your faces are wonderful now that I understand how hard they are to draw !!!

Everwild said...

In the wide-open desert, on a horse, on a warm but not blistering day. Feeling the sun warm against my back and arms and cheeks; lulled by the rhythm of the horse beneath me; listening to the many ways the desert speaks.

Regina said...

I read this post yesterday & no singular place came to mind... but today I'd love to be with my friend Jutta. It's been 3 years since we were on the same continent together. There would be comfortable seating/lounging. To eat: tea and fixings - cheese, European style bread, fruit, cake.
Dappling light in the shade on a breezy warm day would complete the scene.

Valaine said...

I love your dream! Your words are so soothing and wonderful to the imagination :) I enjoyed seeing your new artwork! It is all very beautiful and inspiring making me want to get busy on my many new ideas.

p.s. I have a cute award for you, come by my blog later and pick it up if you'd like :)

Relyn said...

A tiny town on the Oregon coast, not too far from Cannon Beach is where I would be. I would rent a tiny cottage whose owner loved it enough to plant roses even though it is a rental. I would have hours to walk at the water edge and think and dream and be.