Detach {Illustration Friday}

One day Colette decided
to detach herself,
to close her ears to negativity,
to the buzz, buzz, buzzing
like that of angry bees
all around her head,
and instead focus on the HOPE
which she had been carrying
in her heart all along,
When this was done
her once barren tree burst
into green gold leaf
and the chirp, chirp, chirping
like that of a hundred birds
filled the air
and she remembered
not in a sudden rush,
but slowly.


Carmen said...

So much to see in this piece. I love it.

carla said...

This is very spiritual and very bveautiful! I stopped by to tell you that i enjiyed your article in Somerset Studio! Congratulations!

Flying Colors said...

Wonderful! Beautiful drawing and message... Glad I found you.
Have a great day :)

Pilar said...

What a very special gift you have given us by sharing this piece and poem. :D

Relyn said...

This is beautiful. I love your words of hope.