"In the end, what affects your life most deeply are the things too simple to talk about."---Etty Hillesum

The painting above is one I did last week...or was it the week before? Yes, I suppose it was then. Lately the days just seem to run so quickly into one another. It is a painting of a mother. She wears her apron, maybe she just stepped from the kitchen into the coolness of the evening. She carries love with her in the pocket and holds good news in her hand. It represents the joy and serenity that motherhood brings to my life. The trees were painted to be symbols of my husband, daughter and step-daughter.

The days away from the computer have been healing, restorative ones. A short trip to spend time with precious relatives and then two days back to back to create. Just me and my art room. Doesn't that sound lovely? I have not had that much time to myself since becoming a mommy. The only catch was that for the majority of that time I was without air conditioning! Luckily a friend of my husband's came to the rescue and fixed whatever was wrong. Now that I think about it-I never even thought to ask exactly what the problem was. I just said thank you and went back to cutting and pasting and painting. While Olivia lounged with my mother-in-law I worked on a project with a deadline. This project was a big undertaking for me, at least it felt so very big at the time, leading me into a place of panic and self-doubt. I actually worked myself up into quite a state and then had to plod through all of that mental mess before I could move forward. I had to reassure myself that this project was play just like I want all my art to be and once the self-placed seriousness was removed I could move on with creating. So the project did find completion (and teach many lessons along the way) and the package was mailed on Monday with a big Horray!

Some few closeups pics of the project are all I can share, but the closeups are always my fave images anyway.

Yesterday and today are all about getting back into the groove of a regular day. One highlight-I took Olivia and her bestest friend to our local library for a writer's workshop and met the sweetest person! Tiffany Trent. Super talented and as Olivia kept telling my husband... "She's famous you know and the nicest author ever!" You know how you meet someone for the first time and you just truly like them right away. Well, meeting Tiffany was like that-a special generous soul and a star-struck Olivia and I are looking forward to all of her writing workshops this summer.


Ginger said...

I love that painting!! The word go so well with it,Awesome work!

Susan Tuttle said...

perfect - just stunning my friend.

I love the rich orange against the yellow.


eb said...


you do

sweet girl

is always


DEEPLY joyful

xox - eb.

Jo Wholohan said...

Beautiful Tricia, I just love the story with it, so meaninful...
and the sneak peaks are delightful

best wishes xx

Tiffany said...

So in awe of your work! Looking forward to seeing you again on Wed. :)


Brandie said...

I always look forward to something new posted on your blog. You absolutely amaze me every single time!

Yes it would be so cool if we could all get together and hang out in the studio all day long!

Talk soon,

Relyn said...

I just have to say (I know I've been saying a lot today) that I really, really love your art. You seem to be able to do so much. Collage, paint, draw, alter... and WRITE. Talented you.

Ingelien said...

I really love your work.
It touches me

Inge from Belgium