Catching Up Once Again

I kept saying to myself that I would blog once the emails were all caught up and I would catch up on emails just as soon as I caught up on laundry, right after I helped Olivia with her math...the days have been spiraling out of control and there seems to be so much extra to do. Sometimes I actually catch myself standing in a room looking around, confused, not knowing what to do next. More home repair projects have been started so there are ladders and paint cans about, not helping with the feeling of being overwhemed. Sigh. A deep tired sigh. But looking at the bright side-all of the things I have going on are wonderful and I do know I have been in this place before and always recovered my balance. We always do. Somehow we keep moving forward as gracefully as we can and the balance returns.

It always does.
Just, please, please forgive my slowness in returning emails. Soon...

I had wanted to blog last week about meeting an oh so special blog friend in person for the first time and spending time with her and her dear dear son and how I enjoyed every single second of our visit. I had wanted to write about the beauty of the blog community and kinship and how much having found artist friends means to me.

I planned to write...

-about my very ill grandmother who I sat with on Sunday and who spoke to me about the joy she found over the years from working with her hands whether it be in the garden tending to her flowers or embroidering a pillowcase, the desire to create. In those hours I felt a bond with her I never had before. It is a good memory to tuck away.
-about the new sketches I have been working on---inspired by the lovely blog friend visit.

-about the many seeds Olivia and I planted.

-and the hailstorm.

-the baby frogs found in the cup.

-the art show at the library.

Instead of writing all that I spun in circles til I was dizzy but I am settling down soon. I can feel it.
Hope you all are well.


Sharon said...

Oh how I know the feeling. I enjoyed hearing about your world

Regina said...

Thanks for sharing your world. I'm in a similar situation. I love the quiet moments I can check in with sisters of blogland.

Susan said...

Tricia, I can relate to so many things in your post. Home improvements going on, tripping over tools, spinning around confused in my own kitchen...don't worry, we all do these things. Hang in there, make some tea and change that deep sigh into a deep breath. Hugs, Susan

Valaine said...

I know what you feel like, I've been feeling the same way. Although I wish I had a more exciting reason to feel dizzy like you - like meeting a blog friend :) I still haven't finished painting my kitchen cabinets. There all sadly leaning on one another in the corner of the kitchen. Speaking of which - I need to get to them and get them finished...

MNScrapbookmom said...

Sorry that I haven't left a message in awhile. Your home sounds a bit like mine. Paint cans and all types of projects going on - all at once of course. If only we had longer days and more energy, right? Thinking of you... ¥

Jeannine said...

The great thing about tending a blog is that it is always waiting for you, when you are ready to share something. There is no pressure to post on a regular schedule.

And all of those things you wanted to write about? Well, you did! I enjoyed reading your list.

Best wishes.