Lots of storms here lately. The sky has been filled with lightning. We lost our Dell, the modem, the router, my stepdaughter's TV and a VCR on Saturday to a power surge. I have been dealing with this all better than I would have expected. Dealing well with change has never been a quality I could claim until recently. The fact that we have an amazing friend trying to save all the pics on the Dell does much to ease my mind. More than once today I have given thanks for the kind people in my life.

Luckily, thankfully, we have a Mac as well. This is the Macs first time online-I had purchased it for Photoshop use back before we were homeschooling when I thought I was going to be continuing on with my photo restoration business. It's nice having this big flat screen and super colors. A few times recently I commented to my husband how we didn't need both computers in the house and how it sure would be nice to have the extra desk space...funny isn't it how life works?

The photo above is a shot of the side of an abandoned mobile home found on a lonesome backroad in Virginia. It would make for great texture in a digital collage. You are welcome to use it in your own art.

Be well.


Jo Wholohan said...

Yummy rust Tricia, doesnt ago do wonderful things to SOME opjects :))

Pilar said...

I am so sorry to hear about the power surge. I hope your friend can work wonders and recovery the data from your pc. Keeping my fingers crossed. :D

Relyn said...

I read this and was struck by how generous you are. You are in the midst of a big headache and personal financial loss, and here you are giving something to your readers. Wonderful you.