Dreaming of Roses and Flight

A few days ago I got my layers evened out into a bob, the last of the color-treated hair gone...and guess what, this morning I woke up thinking about coloring my hair red again! Oh dear, I can be quite the fickle one.

I also found I wasn't satisfied with the painting from a few days back. It lacked something but I wasn't sure what. I scanned it in two pieces-it is quite large-and cloned out the words using Photoshop, added a light layer of roses from a manipulated Polaroid taken a few years back and a necklace of birds in flight....The piece has acquired a new name...."Dreaming of Roses and Flight."

It is now a limited edition print in my shop, along with "Giving", a painting originally created for my dear hubby.

Blessings to you each for a creative week~!


Bonnie / Graybonnie said...

The gray lady is so provoking! Love the restful feel of your giving.

Susan Tuttle said...

Wow - you never cease to amaze! Your paintings are evolving every time I see them - they are extraordinary!


Valaine said...

Adding the layer of roses really made that one! It is so elegant - very beautiful. The bottom painting is wonderful too - I love the details on her dress and the colors of the earth. The green hearts add a sweet touch :)

Enchanted Willow Design said...

You do some wonderful work! Really interesting

sarahblank said...

wow. I Painted a girl very similar to your rose dreaming piece, with floral wallpaper collaged in the background. They could be twins...very strange!