"Nama" means bow, "as" means I, and "te" means you.
"I bow to you."

Place the hands together at the heart charka, close the eyes, and bow the head, an especially deep form of respect.
I say "namaste" to each of you. Especially the kind souls who shared with me their heart's thoughts in the comments on the last post. To say I am touched by your words isn't enough. I cried when I read some of the comments, sensing your pain as well. I also cried from the beauty of the gestures, the kindness. (I have been so emotional lately!) Thank you for taking the time to show me that I am not alone, that we are all missing someone. I felt your words like hugs, reaching out and comforting me.
All the stresses of life built up, I guess, and I got a horrible cold. Again. My second summer cold! I am almost better now but the weekend was slow and easy because of it. Perhaps that was a good thing. Olivia and I did slow relaxing yoga yesterday and that's when I snapped the above photo of her. A lot of meditative thinking occured and much journaling in my little spiral notebook. And I made lists. Oh, how I love my lists!!! It is time for me to begin wrapping up Olivia's second grade year (we school year round) and work us into third grade.
Lots to do this time of year and I love it all. I love planning her lessons, figuring out what good knowledge to fill our heads with, ordering new books.
Also, as a family we are doing another electronic detox (starting today) so I won't be watching TV for a week or blogging. I will be checking emails in the evening or early morning however. And honestly, I may try to sneak off and visit you all at your blogs cause this detox is good for me but it is not for me this time. We are proving to my stepdaughter, who is constantly hooked up to some device or another, that you can have just as much fun reading, playing boardgames, going for walks, or just being together. I bought her and Olivia a journal and new colored pencils.
Also our new thing is to sit and color Mandalas. You can print some from HERE. It is fun. We got into them after watching The Last Mimzy.
I don't have a lot to share in the way of new art, only a page or two from my journal.
The inspiration here was my daughter Olivia. I was imagining her as a teenager. The tree in her chest area is for her strength, her roots. Near the house at the bottom are the words --the light will always be on for you. The photos at the top are representing the places she may travel. I just want her to know that she always has a place here.
The second piece is titled "Choices." The hearts represent all the things in our life that we choose from daily.

Today I choose yoga, silly board games with the girls, time with my thoughts and my journal. Buying veggies at the downtown farmer's market, cooking healthy meals. Today we continue our study of the life of Beatrix Potter.

Life is grand, isn't it?!


Jamie said...

Your journal pages are incredible Tricia! I love how you explain your thoughts behind the elements in your pieces. I am glad to hear you are feeling more centered. Have a wonderful, fun day sweetie! Love,Jamie

jen said...

I always L*O*V*E your art Tricia. So kind of you to share here! Just may have to copy the 'electronic detox' idea, hmmm. And thanks much for the coloring link. Those look like they'd be fun for us adults to color! (while we're not watching tv) :-)

Judy Wise said...

What a nice post. Your beautiful daughter, the 'namaste' explanation and the journal pages. I love the black background; I'm going to have to try that sometime too. I'm wearing a t-shirt right now that says "turn off the TV". Thanks again for all of it.

glitterangel said...

Absolutely gorgeous work Tricia!

Amy Wagner said...

We have several books about the life of Beatrix Potter along with the traditional children's books that almost everyone has by Miss Potter. I love your artwork (as always!)

Pilar said...

Your artwork always leaves me breathless. I love your journal work. It is so inspiring and makes me just want to pick up my brushes to paint. xoxoxoxo

annie said...

how very inspiring...this is a beautiful post. sweet photo of your little daughter...namaste.

Kim McCabe said...

Fabulous! As always your latest work is lovely! I'm always happy to see what you've been up to.

sue said...

Your journal pages are amazing, as is all of your art. Hope you're feeling better, not so sad today. It's so hard to not have someone in your life anymore---hugs.