I want to introduce you to the furry ones who live here. (A very tired) Patsy Dog, Sabine (Beanie) and Sadie. Sweethearts each of them.
This evening was a good evening to be on the porch, curl up, read a book or just daydream. I had a book on my lap - Animal, Vegetable, Miracle by Barbara Kingsolver but I found I did more daydreaming than reading. Sometimes we just need that time to let our thoughts drift, don't we? I have been working on some art so I will have things to share real soon. :)
Back outside I go...and since we are still on electonic detox....you didn't see me here at the computer, k?


paige said...

beautiful kitties! i love their eyes.
& such a sweet puppy.
i looked on your etsy page earlier today & thought of you.

Judy Wise said...

Oh, oh. Do computers count? (tee hee)

red tin heart said...

your cats and little one are so adorable. thank you for your kind comment on my husband. he is slowly improving but we are in for a long road. xo nita

annie said...

my lips are sealed...i like the photo of little one on the porch swing...reading!

Corey Moortgat said...

Sweet animals! The tortoise-shell kitty looks just like a childhood cat we had, and the gray one looks just like one of my current kitties, Anchovie!

Mercer's Daughter said...

Beatrix Potter? I just saw the movie, "Miss Potter". I watched it five times!!! Loved it and bought the book.
Your art work is really beautiful as are the stories.
Thank you for sharing, I always feel less lonely after reading your blog.

She Who Flies said...

That photo of Olivia is just wonderful. Her seat looks like a magical one hovering in the air :-)

Forever Young said...

so cute, specialy beanie, although i'm not a cat lover.
a home without animals is so incomplete.

Brandie said...

I'm stealing the stain glass window hanging above the porch swing idea... stunning!

And.. of course Olivia is beautiful as usual!