Spring Tea

"A joy worth repeating,
again and again,
warm conversation, tea,
and a friend." ---Miss Madeline
Hi there! Welcome to our home. We are joining Artsymama and so many others in having a tea party today, this first day of spring. Please let me take your coat and your umbrella. Oh yes, I agree, just the perfect weather for a warm cup of tea though it doesn't at all feel like springtime.

Please let my daughter, Olivia, pour you a cup of tea. She is having a gingerbread spice tea and I am having Earl Grey. What will you have? We also have chai, peach, red zinger and ginger with lemon. Yummy. Would you like honey? Cream?And we have lots of goodies today. Cookies and blueberry scones. Chocolates and fruit. Little wafers from Vienna (well from the Fresh Market but don't tell) and why don't we use Olivia's lovely tea set that Nana bought last year?

Oh, what about that tea set in the window you ask. Olivia is going to prepare a feast for the fairies. She is a wonderful hostess, isn't she? Thinking of everyone.
After tea, let us read a bit from "The Tale of Despereaux." We are most frantic to learn the fate of this sweet little creature. Olivia and I make a pinkie promise, the most sacred of childhood promises, to do this again each and every spring beginning. Thank you so much for stopping by. Please stop by soon to visit us again.


longnecklady said...

How great! It looks so comforting!



Jeanne said...

What a wonderful tea party you and Olivia had. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

sue said...


What a wonderful way to celebrate spring. Thank you for sharing. It really brightened my day.


Susan Tuttle said...

Hi Tricia!
Oooo yummy! What wonderful sweets you've contributed to the Spring Fling Tea Party! Olivia is just so precious--she is beautiful--very soulful looking.

We joined in at the party as well....go check out my latest post.

Too bad we can't all be there in person--that would be amazing!


Merci-Notes said...

ok, I might cry! my visit at your tea party with olivia is GRAND!. My daughter (now 23) and son (now 201/2) have had many tea parties very much like yours. It is Lovely, Special and Beautiful! Thank You for inviting us!!
With Kindness,

FrenchGardenHouse said...

Tricia and Olivia,

Thank you so much for having us to tea. Everything looks so lovely, and Olivia, I think you are probably a better hostess than my sometimes naughty Claudette!

You are having my favorites, earl grey and those yummy wafers. And Olivia, thanks for thinking of the fairies, they DO love a good tea party.

Maybe I will look for your book, "The Tale of Despereaux" it seems like you are recommending this as a very good Read!

Please visit me at our little garden house, Claudette is pouring the tea. :)

Sharon said...

Oh thank you so much. Everything looks so nice. Yes, please tell Olivia I would love ginger with lemon. I would normally have chai with cream but today....oh how I would love to try a new one. And the fairies, will they come out while I'm here? Would love to visit.
Must be on my way now.

Heather - Speckled Egg said...

soooo lovely! what a great family tradition!

where did her nana find that tea set?? my little ones would love a set like that!

Monica said...

I'd love some chai and some watermelon, thanks! Olivia is such a beautiful hostess. I'm sure the fairies are going to be happier than ususal!

Beth said...

What a great mother/daughter tea party shared with the other bloggers....too cute and what a memory for Olivia !!!!

Everything looked so beautiful !!!! Wish I could have been there in real life !!!

Allison said...

Your tea party was great!! Thank you so much. Your daughter is beautiful, and I love her little tea set. All of your goodies looked very yummy too! I love your blog. It is very fun. I'm going to poke around a bit now.

allie from minneapolis

Natasha Burns said...

What a lovely post, thank you to you and to Olivia for the tea party, just adore your photos too!

Sonia at C. Crafts & Collectibles said...

Tricia, your tea party was so cute. You and Olivia had a wonderful party. Was so glad to visit. Thank you for sharing it with us.
Happy Spring!!

Anonymous said...

This whole post is so yummy looking. What a wonderful tea party...love the tea set :o)

monique said...

What a sweet tradition! I wish I had thought of this... and I hope I remember for next year :)

Gypsy Purple said...

What a lovely tea!!!!!
Loved it and glad I joined!!!

Cerri said...

How sweet Tricia! What a wonderful tea party you and your beautiful Olivia put on! And what a sweet tradition that would be, to have a tea party every year on the first day of spring!
Her tea sets are beautiful too!

Melissa said...

such pretty pictures!

thanks for your comment on my blog - you can find the pretty yellow teacup from Anthroplogie here:

a lot of pretty for $12!!


Laume said...

Your daughter Olivia is the most adorable guest I have met so far at this tea party, even counting Lidy's Claudette! (Psst, don't tell Claudette that though, don't want to hurt her feelings)
We also homeschooled (alas those days are gone, my youngest is now a Freshman at the local public high school), but I cherish all the extra time we had together when he was younger. We had a number of tea parties over the years.

Lilli said...

Sorry I missed your lovely tea party, but I'll try to make it next year (pinkie promise)