I am feeling very blessed right now. Thank you to all who left nice comments about our tea party. My heart is overflowing with thanks. I have grown to care for my blogging friends as I do the "real-life" ones. It is a cool community, isn't it?

And guess what? I am excited about something else! I just got back from a thrifting date with myself. This is cause for celebration as it I don't get a lot of time alone. I am thrilled with being able to be with Olivia as much as I am but I admit I have been feeling frazzled these last few days, needing a bit of time to do something for myself. My mother-in-law, such a life-saver, picked Olivia up today and I headed straight to Goodwill of course. I found lots of goodies there, my favorite being the pink vintage hat. Isn't it so lovely and girlie? There was also a pretty blue cowbell with flowers, plaster butterflies with hangers on the back to paint and put in Olivia's Easter basket. The dollie I will clean up and put in her Easter basket also. Her dress is soaking in the sink. It was quite disgusting. I also found a neat shawl-you can see part of it underneath the jewelry box and a book filled with the most romantic images. Halloween fabric, 3 yards for $1.

Next I went next to Big Lots and the Dollar Tree. There I found some Easter goodies and a few planters. Mainly things to paint and change in some way. But the best part of it all was the big score --- A Friday yardsale just down the road from my house! The best prices! A dollar this and a quarter that. That's what I'm talkin' about! I love the old jewelry boxes. $1 each and the sweet silver cups 25 cents. The birdie framed prints were $1 each. The box of wooden dominoes were only a quarter.

The wallpaper I found earlier in the week at out Habitat for Humanity Store. They were $3 each roll. The spice rack with screen doors is from there. I am hoping to create some sort of fairy/ ballerina assemblage with that.

I am off to make a cup of Earl Grey and enjoy my last bit if "me" time.


Laume said...

That is some hat! I love the Halloween fabric. I sort of, uhm, collect it. I know, I'm supposed to then DO SOMETHING with it. But so far I seem to just collect it. I also went thrifting yesterday and wait until you see the music box I found! I don't have the photos up yet, I'm planning on posting them later today. The framed print of the little girl in your last photo - I have that same print! I'm looking at it right now across my bedroom displayed in a sort of large shadow box shelf.

Patsy Terrell said...

That hat is amazing. Wow! What a great find. :)

Colleen said...

That spice cabinet has so much potential - I can't wait to see what you do with it. Great finds!