Altered Ancestor #1

Her name is Lillian Rice and she is for a swap. The writing is from, as you can see, an old postcard. It says, "Hello Darling, Don't be mad at me for giving your picture back.--Cliff." What a jerk Cliff must have been! The image of the woman is from a cabinet card. I thought they went well together. Funny thing is that I have had the postcard for a while now and never read what was written on the back until today.
I scanned the words and printed them onto the coffee aged paper I have mentioned before in a previous post. I also used fluid acrylics, charcoal pencils (black and white) and a sepia marker.
Now I just need to write a bit about her on the back and she is done.
I ended up with more time on my hands than I previously thought I would have. Olivia spent the night with Mamaw and she is even bringing her home for me. I had thought I would be driving to get her...wow, what to do with this extra time.....maybe head back to the yardsale down the street. They did say that they were putting out new things today. ***Big Grin****


Susan Tuttle said...

This is stunning! I love the whimsical hearts and flowers! Great colors too!

Looks like Cliff didn't know what was good for him!


Gypsy Purple said...

This is totally stunning...wow...you amaze and inspire me!!!

Matroskin said...

I like your collages and your blog! Really inspiring things! Great colours.

vicci said...

Tricia...This is great! I love the visual....Stupid Cliff! :-)

Kristen Robinson said...

Lily is so wonderfully put together. Wonderful piece Tricia!