More Thrifted Goodies From the Weekend

I found several neat things at Saturday's yard sale. Some sweet cards, several old dictionaries, a few salt shakers.

The sunlight is streaming in through the window as I sit at the computer in our "homeschool room." Birdies are busy building a nest in a small space above our swing.
A light broke in upon my brain, —
It was the carol of a bird;
It ceased, and then it came again,
The sweetest song ear ever heard.
------Lord Byron

This photo is from Sunday. After Olivia's dance class we went to visit my mom, my sister and her family on their farm. We had an early dinner and then I snatched up a quilt, got some magazines from the car and made myself comfy in the yard while Olivia played with her cousins. Imagine how I smiled when I happened to look down and find I had company. This is one of their new puppies, not yet named though I called her Cora, and you can see her tummy is round and full from just having nursed. We also got to see their new baby pigs and kittens. A lovely, lovely time.


Kristen Robinson said...

WOW what finds!!!! Oh my the puppy is so sweet!


Linda and Laura Lilly Cottage said...

Now that sounds like a nearly perfect weekend, thanks for sharing, the puppy is soooo cute, that must have been a bit magical to find her curled up next to you. TTFN Linda and Laura

Merci-Notes said...

What a peaceful photo! And a peaceful and enjoyable Sunday!

leslie said...

cutest puppy photo EVER!

Jeanne said...

What a sweet puppy. My daughter has a beagle that just turned one yr old. He was tiny like that when she got him too. What a sweetie!

Leslie said...

a beautiful photo....what a sweet puppy...don't you just love plump pink puppy bellies?