The trip to Fredericksburg (and I should have mentioned that I was still in Virginia) was fun but very different than I had planned it in my mind. I imagined time to do a bit of sightseeing before the awards dinner but Olivia and Kelly both wanted to hang out in the room for a bit before getting dressed. I didn't push it because I knew we had the next day to do some exploring. The dinner was very lovely, wonderful food and conversation. I met a really interesting woman who was homeschooled as a child so we talked about that and I enjoyed hearing about her life and her views of being taught at home. Olivia looked like a princess and really had a wonderful time getting dressed up.

We awoke the next morning to find several inches of snow on the ground with more still falling. It was like waking up and finding you are in a fairytale! I loved it. Where we live we have not had a good snow this year so that was a treat for us. It did mean though that we were unprepared as far as the clothes we had packed, shoes especially. After we had packed our things and had breakfast the snow had changed into freezing rain. Kelly was anxious of course to get us all home; I was still wanting to explore! We did a quick drive through the downtown area and I saw enough to know that I want to go back and visit again soon.
While in the car, I did get to read a bit in my newest Somerset Studio magazine and write a bit down, ideas for later projects. It was nice to sit...not much choice in a car...:) and think. Just think and let ideas flow about in my mind. A realization came to me and that is I am much too rushed. Do you feel that way sometimes? Well, I do bring it all on myself, I guess. So yesterday I had an easier day. Olivia and I did nothing but school work and read book after book. We cuddled and played. We didn't run errands and I didn't even get on the computer except for checking email. It was a nice change. Today Olivia has three friends visiting and we have errands and dance class. A trip to the grocery store is needed.
Back to the real world. I am struggling with finding a balance with all I want/need to do without feeling rushed and stressed throughout our day.

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