16 x 20 canvas
The first in a series of six I hope to create and put in our downstairs hallway.
I may still go back and stamp words into the canvas. I kept going back and forth with that so I decided to hang it up and live with it as is for a while.

“The Window of My Soul”
The window of my soul opens,and from the purity of the unseen world,
the book of God comes to me straight.
The book, the rain of divine grace, and the light
are falling into my house through a window
from my real and original source.
The house without a window is hell;
to make a window is the essence of true religion.
Don't thrust your ax upon every thicket;
come, use your ax to cut open a window.


carla said...

Oooh! This is stunning! I love her intense, yet placid expression, and the warm tones you chose. The window creates incredible depth. I really like the simplicity of this; stamping words could be nice, but this spare look is very powerful. She looks like a personal saint!

Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog. Your work is gorgeous... thanks for leading me here:>

Gypsy Purple said...

Wow...this really touched me today...thankx for posting this...It is such a blessed piece!!!

Jill said...

HOw absolutely beautiful. I love this and look forward to seeing more....

shelbalah said...

she is beautiful. I love the colors and her intensity. you are so very talented. you continue to inspire me.

Rumi is a has been a healer to me also. so happy to see you love him too.

thank you for stopping in and leaving such sweet words.