Inspire Me Thursday---Abandon

I love this little girl. She won my heart the moment I saw her face but the deal was sealed for me when I noticed she only had one leg. (I just had a thought and that is that ---maybe she had her other leg raised and hidden?)
I printed her out and played with the image a bit this morning. Not a lot of time for art or the computer lately. (sigh*) I want to continue working with the piece, maybe start a new altered book and work her into a page. I don't have that "done" feeling from her yet but I wanted to share something with you all today. I probably won't be posting for the next few days. Tomorrow Olivia has me running all over town but the day ends nicely with a wire wrapping class for me at Michael's while Olivia does Kid's Fun Night there. Then on Saturday Kelly has an award's dinner in Fredericksburg so we will be gone all Saturday and Sunday. Two days away from my art table and my things. Ahhh! That makes me feel so anxious! Maybe it is the award's dinner with the dressing up and the meeting new people and the small talk that is giving me the queasy feeling. I am SO not good at any of those things. I have heard though that there is a lovely historic area there so I am thinking cool old doorways and windows. Images for artwork. I will take my camera.
Be well and happy creating!


getzapped said...

Precious piece filled with inspriation! Keep at it, you've got a good thing going here.

carla said...

Her face is so compelling...I can see why she caught your heart! You definitely are off to a good start with this... it's quite inspirational.

ArtsyMama said...

I LOVE this and love your comments. I would love to swap with you, but I need your address. Please email me at artsy_mama@hotmail.com

Laura said...

Wow! What you have done with this picture really is wonderful!!! Your work is totally gorgeous!

Beth said...

Are you going to Fredericksburg,Texas ??? If so, I'm so jealous.....this is where the Boltons have taken over the town and the shops are supposed to be WONDERFUL !!!

And I agree about the small talk and socializing...not what I'd want to do either....unless you can find someone who likes to talk about paper and glue and stuff !!!

Gypsy Purple said...

This is stunning....best of luck with all you are planning ...

Susan Tuttle said...

I LOVE THIS!!!! The red of the boot against the robin's egg blue is so appealing! She is such a cutie!


shelbalah said...

she is lovely, and so is your blog. i am fairly new to blogging, and also a fellow homeschooler...:)

please, if your ever in the 'neighborhood' stop over and say hello. my new blog is getting lonely...hehe ::hint-hint: (-yes, a feeble attempt at making a new fellow blogger friend).

yes, it's inspiring to see others with the same passions. i hope to inspire others the same way you have :)

have a blessed and beautiful day!