Olivia's book is finally finished, but so am I! I thought I would post a few pics and then clean house a bit, read to Olivia, play some board games with her. She beat me at Clue Jr. this morning so I need to beg for a rematch!
Oh...I wish you could see Olivia at this moment--- she is working on an art piece I will photograph later and post...she is so cute right now with her sketch pad and colored pencils curled up on the rug by the desk. I feel like I couldn't do any more art if I wanted to...there is not a sign of my table beneath the papers and paints...no where left to go.
What I really want to do is blog surf all the wonderful new sites I've been finding through various art challenges, with their wonderful new eye candy. A yummy cup of hot tea, cream and honey, in my hand.
But, Family is calling so I must go.
I want to thank all who have left comments. I appreciate all the kind words. They mean so much to me. My heart swells when I think of my art friends!

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tricia stirling said...

what a gorgeous book. i aspire to create such lovely things for my children, and am inspired now by looking at these pages.