as i mentioned in the previous post, i am determined to finish the altered book i started for olivia so i knew that i had to tie the artwords "memories" into her book. this was easy because already there was a page marked for olivia's first friend brittney who died in 2005 from a brain tumor. ohhh, they were so close, like sisters. and i have a terrible fear that olivia will forget her, all the fun times they had playing and not so fun times in the hospital, all the things she taught us. i am afraid that i will forget and yet sometimes it is hard to even think of the last months.
the next altered book i begin will be for brittney and just for her and her friendship with olivia.
i am not really happy with the book spread i am submitting and i say this because it doesn't convey what i needed it to, it just doesn't seem special enough for such a special girl and i think maybe i need a whole book for that.


Earthtone Studios said...

These pages are wonderful. Your daughter will really appreciate this when she gets older. The pages focus on the pictures and the story with a great layout and color.

Lia (artjunkgrl) said...

Oh my head! These are gorgeous!!!!!!!! I wish I could make books like this for my daughter! Beautiful Work!!!!!

Beth said...

Your art is just fabulous....anything you touch or alter becomes such a delight...EYE CANDY !!!!