Funny how life works

Rush! Rush! Rush! Do any of you find yourselves moving about in highspeed and on autopilot? Just getting through one thing to hurry up and get on to the next. That has been me these last few days and darn it, I just don't like it. This way of being is certainly not on the path to creativity, is it? Finally this morning things changed a bit. I woke up feeling yucky (maybe the universe's way of slowing me down) and so did Olivia and so did Kelly. Kelly still went to work but Olivia and I cancelled out on our Explore Park class. We just had to. Olivia curled up and read and I sat at my art table. I just sat. I didn't reach for anything for a long time. Then I thought about the canvas I posted yesterday or a few days ago, I don't even remember. All I knew is that I wasn't happy with it. I wasn't even happy wih the poem I chose to submit with it to Artwords. Again I knew that I had rushed to come up with something to share.
After getting Olivia some breakfast I took the canvas from it's place on the hallway wall and just stared at it.
I remembered how yesterday afternoon just before ballet class Olivia and I went into the used bookstore down the block. We only had 5 minutes but Olivia insisted. We were looking for more Molly books, the American girl series. We did not find any but we found a book of Emily Dickinson's poems. I felt strangely drawn to that book. I paid and we left. I didn't look at it at all during her class. This morning I pulled out the book from my bag and opened it. The words "window-pane" and "soul" caught my eye and I knew I had my poem.
A bit of glaze here and there. A stamped "2" and then another. I added one bird and then more flew in to be included. I added some light journalling on her wings and a crown in pencil. Weird, how I feel such a connection with this woman. I am naming her "my guardian."
Finally I started to get that feeling of completion and calmness.
Funny how life works. Funny how things will fall into place if we are open to it, if we just let it happen.


Anonymous said...

Tricia...this is gorgeous. Loved reading how the rest of this piece came about. I love the birds and window. The whole piece just draws me in.

longnecklady said...

Amen sister!


karin (creativechaos) said...

Hi...I found you through Linda's blog. Beautiful work!

lindaharre said...

I love this piece! So much without saying a word! I really enjoyed your blog and will be back to see what you are up to:)

monique said...

she's beautiful :)

Kristen Robinson said...

I love this post it is so true we are often rushing to rush! Your artowrk is truly lovely.


Izabella said...

Wow! this piece is amazing~ it speaks a thousand words~