Book----Inspire Me Thursday

the inspire me thursday prompt this week is "book." when i saw this i knew what i needed to work on. months ago... i don't even know how long ago, i started an altered book for olivia, my daughter. it was my first altered book and i never completed it. i started on another altered book called "wings" which you can see here and put olivia's book aside. she was not happy about that! so this morning i worked on revamping a few of the old pages (some i will leave as they are--i'm not crazy about them but i am at a loss on how to change them.) and then i did a few new pages. i changed the cover a bit, adding a vintage leather change purse i bought at an estate sale earlier this month. inside i put a one dollar bill i received years ago when i was in college. it had the name "tricia" written on it, in handwriting much like mine and i have kept it since as sort of a good luck, money is sure to come my way sort of charm.
my goal is to complete this book before i move on to another project. i will hopefully be posting more pictures before the end of the week. olivia will be so proud!


tricia stirling said...

hi tricia, wow, how funny, i'm a tricia too, a homeschooling mom and a step mother. i love your beautiful blog!! have a great day!!

Norah's said...

Hi Tricia, Your blog is beautiful. I love your altered book and what you have done so far is so inspiring. I will be back to see more pages. I too have one of those little coin purses that was my Mother's or Grandmother's. I hope I can find it now.

Earthtone Studios said...

Olivia has great reason to be proud!!

eb said...

oh this is lovely - xox - eb.

Crafty Green Poet said...

Beuatiful altered book, a wonderful gift for your daughter.

Brandie said...

Hey Tricia,

I love the altered memory book for Olivia... what a precious keepsake record for her and her children! You are very inspiring!


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