The Ringmaster

This photo has been waiting in the draft posts for a bit. I think I finished the painting a month or so ago. It's acrylic and pencil on a vintage cabinet card. My mind has a habit of going to circus-themed places. Maybe (*fingers crossed*) one of these fine days I will get focused enough to do a whole series of circus folk on cabinet cards.

The Southwest Virginia Ballet, where Olivia dances, is going to have a circus inspired (and more specifically a Water for Elephants inspired) performance in March. She is going to be a tightrope-walking ballerina. There will also be knife throwers, contortionists, muscle men, and so much more. I can hardly wait! My heart skipped a beat when she shared the news. The whole thing is inspiring wonderful images behind my eyelids. Before I can play with those though, I feel like I must finish the triptych I'm working on for our hallway. I've also just resumed painting the stairway banister and treads. Ahhh--so much to do in an old house. (We did get the hole in the living room ceiling fixed, along with new molding and paint--did I mention that?) Perhaps it's the desire to get all unfinished projects tied up before the start of the new year that has me in a frenzy. Whatever the reason, I an enjoying this burst of creative energy.

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