You may recognize these boys from a recent painting. I was feeling a little Photoshop-ey the other night and I couldn't sleep so I opened the file and played. I was thinking a little about Illustration Friday's theme this week. Messenger. The first thing to mind were birds as messengers between this world and the next. I think perhaps in this digital piece the story of the boys has changed in that we are not looking at twins here but one boy, his thoughts and soul divided. Perhaps a part of this boy's self is ready to fly on to a new adventure, maybe one such as growing up, and the other part of him that wants to stay just as he is. See the rocks he carries in his hand in the hopes that they will weigh him down.

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Nancy Gene Armstrong said...

The boys are wonderful. Love the feather and rocks story.

Karen Sagovac said...

There is so much in this... and so much detail. Amazing illo :)

tricia scott said...

karen, thank you, i appreciate your words and visit!

tricia scott said...

nancy, thank you so much!

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