my path

I was thinking today about movement and how I'm going to make time for more of it in 2012. More dancing, more yoga, more walking. My thoughts clear when I have movement. Answers to questions and creative sparks are kicked off when I move across this divine earth. Two feet planting themselves again and again in rhythm. I have promised myself that in this new year there will be more time spent in nature, more connecting with the beauty of the forests that are only a short drive from here. When I was a little girl, I was at my happiest walking in the woods along a path I made with my daily wanderings, book and blanket in hand, past burial ground, past pond, headed for my favorite sitting rock. I want more of that. More outside, less inside. Less electronic gadgets and more sky. I will be like a bear emerging from it's cave or a butterfly from it's cocoon. I'll put together a small art pack with sketchpad and pencils to take along. And a lined journal for story ideas too. Dear 2012, this may sound silly but I love you already.


audrey said...

The beauty in your heart shines through in everything you write. What wonderful plans you've made for 2012.
I sincerely hope to see you at Lisa's SoulCollage in January, which I will hopefully attend if I can. I haven't seen you since the Mixed Media Group met at Hollins Library back in '08. Sadly, our sudden move to Charleston, SC, caused me to lose touch. The day we moved back to the Roanoke Valley in '09 was one of my happiest days. I love it here.
I enjoyed this beautiful post of your lovely thoughts. I hope you can dance through the woods all through the coming year.

tricia scott said...

Audrey, I look so forward to reconnecting! I will defintely try to make Lisa's workshop. She is a wonderful teacher. Either way, we should make plans to meet up for tea or something soon. And thank you for your lovely words. I wish you all the very best in 2012! (big hug)