I really don't know the first thing about crewel, but I want to learn. While doing a bit of spring cleaning I ran across a book called "The Complete Guide to Embroidery Stitches and Crewel" by Jo Bucher. It was in my give-away pile in the beginning but the design in the photo, the one on the left, has captured me and now I want to make something inspired by that piece. Maybe a skirt with a similiar design in the corner, or a pillow.
I'm not letting myself go into google-mode yet though cause there is a part of me that wonders if my brain isn't being a bit sneaky, trying to get out of doing some real work. Like the way someone I know changes the subject when the conversation gets heavy. Hmmm...maybe. The WIP is giving my brain a serious workout. And sometimes I do feel the hugeness of it and I start to panic before I pull back and remember to take it scene by scene. And take deep breaths. It's when that great quote by E.L. Doctorow comes in handy: "Writing a novel is like driving a car at night. You can see only as far as your headlights, but you can make the whole trip that way."
Over the weekend I revised a chapter and wrote several more scenes in the next and a few scenes further on in the story. That's how I do it, that's how it seems to work for me. Like squares in a quilt, I am hoping, praying, it all comes together in the end. Another thing I've discovered is that I must write on the WIP every. single. day. Something. It may only be a hundred words but if I take a day off completely there is a disconnect that happens and it takes me days to gain back the momentum lost. I also need a cup of Earl Grey and warm socks. "The Illusionist" soundtrack playing in the background.
I am learning as I go.
Good things happened this past weekend. We participated in the Riverdance Challenge I mentioned in the last post. It was fun but I never got the hang of the dance. I just moved my feet around and smiled. Olivia got it right away which was no surprise. The parade was fun; the best part for me was seeing the Vikings...they put on quite a show. We stopped a Viking later on the way to the car as we were leaving and got our photo made with him. He was a sweet Viking.

And this weekend will find me heading up to Virginia Festival of the Book. Yay! I am extremely excited about this. Extremely. Last year I wanted to go so badly but we were in California and I was recovering from my surgery then. I remember laying in the hotel bed visualizing where I would be a year into the future and the festival was a part of it. So, it's important that I go this year. It represents, yanno?
(i had bloodwork done today...i get the results on wed or thursday. since i've had several days lately of feeling less than good i have been stressing this one. send a little well wish my way will you? and a wish for a number under 30. :) )


Lisa said...

We ended up not making the parade and festivities this year but it sure sounds like fun. Sending lots of well wishes and for a number under 30. ♥

Michele M. S. Shimchock said...

Well wishes and lots of light spread out into the Universe to you and for you, Tricia. You are admirable and awe-inspiring. I, too, hope to make it to the Virginia Festival of the Book one of these years. So, please, have a little extra fun for me while you're there! Peace and Love...

Susan said...

You'll love the crewel work. It satisfies my instant gratification need. It works up so quickly because of the yarns that can be used. We didn't make it to any of the festivities, but they sounded like fun and the picture of you in your green is fun also. Hang in there with your writing and enjoy every day. Take care.

Jeannine said...

Hope you have the BEST time at the festival! I've been thinking about your post all afternoon and how wonderful it is that you can use this festival as a measurement of how far you've traveled in the last year and how powerful our desires and intentions can be.

You have my very best wishes on your test results, and have had them for quite some time.

kelly said...

Sending lots of well wishes your way...
"I also need a cup of Earl Grey and warm socks." ...loving that, I so get it, these little comforts that helps us move through our work...The crewel work is lovely as well.
Many many best wishes to you.

Jennifer White said...

Positive energy is coming from me to you... for numbers under 30. And that book of crewel? What memories this brings back! I learned how to do this in grade school (we did this while the boys did wood shop in 7th or 8th grade I think)... I made a pillow that I recently came across in a box... I threw out the pillow, but not before taking a picture and sending it out to a few Facebook friends who were in my class... I even went and bought the book for $3.99 on Amazon after seeing your post! What great memories... thanks for sharing this.

Lesley Austin said...

Hello sweet Tricia,
It has been such a long time, but something nudged me to look you up today. And I arrive here and find the news that you will be at the Festival of the Book. I am so happy for you....and sorry that this will be the first year in six that I won't be there. I have had a table there, to sell my wares, for many years...but my life has altered much in this last year and I have had to close my business. It would have been lovely to have the chance to see you!

But I send my love and deep wishes and hopeful thoughts for good numbers and strong health.


Tiffany said...

YAY for all these great and wonderful things! I am so excited for you!! (And me, because I know it means new, beautiful art and words are coming. ;))