the bloodwork came back under thirty!!! thank you from the bottom of my heart for the kind comments and emails. they gave me strength, truly they did.
i am SO grateful just to be alive, to have this day to love and be loved, to be creative and happy.
tomorrow i will go with a light and carefree heart to virginia festival of the book with the main goal being to fill the "creative well". what will you do this weekend to replenish your creative energy stores?


p.s.--i owe several of you emails--i will have a day to catch up soon. :)


smith kaich jones said...


That is more than wonderful! Have a fabulous, relaxed weekend!!

xoxo (again!)
:) Debi

Lisa said...


Susan said...

Congrats! That's marvelous. Me, I'm hitting the mall Saturday. Hubby will be out of town, so I'm taking my time browsing and maybe buying. Enjoy the festival.

kelly@the blue muse said...

that is great, i am so happy for you!
filling the creative well is always a good thing, I am trying to get organized to make more room in there myself!

Story said...

"Wellness" to you as you fill your well again!

Relyn said...

Oh, Tricia... I am just delighted by this news. God is good. I will keep praying for your continued healing and for growing strength. Take care, my friend.

Amy. said...

I am so happy for you and to hear your news. Good health to you. Best wishes to your whole family too.