this weekend was all about:

*sketchfest---sketching alone and then sketching with my mom, my niece, and olivia. we had an "art class" in the dining room inspired by frida kahlo and her self-portraits. what fun to share something you love with those you love. we had a blast!
*watching walk the line. and then listening to a LOT of johnny cash. "jackson" is playing on my pandora right now. and let me tell you a wee secret---see, i've always had a moviestar crush on joaquin phoenix who played johnny in the movie...and there just happens to be a character of mine in this WIP, Dr. Elisha Betts, that I have written description-wise with him in mind. sometimes the story plays out behind my eyelids like a movie and there is joaquin as dr. betts, as plain as day. but, i googled joaquin just before this post and read he's giving up acting in favor of rapping. is that really true? i didn't continue searching for info because in doing that i risk the time drain that happens when i start following the shiny trail of the internet. *sigh* i'm just going to pretend i didn't read that whole thing about rapping. (not that i have anything against someone changing career paths and following their dream. just saying.)
*raking leaves. well, i mostly leaned on the rake and daydreamed. and listened to the crows calling from the walnut tree. it actually sounded like they were fussing on me, maybe saying, "get to work."
*writing. i recently started using the pagefour program and have been pleased with the ease it is bringing to this project.
*rolling out yummy biscuits and cooking with olivia
*going for walks. never ceasing to be amazed at how lovely yellow leaves are against a blue sky. *contented sigh*


Tiffany said...

I love that you are doing so many fun things! And as I said, I just LOVELOVELOVE that sketch! And YOU! :) *hugs*

Thank you for cheering me up today.

Jes said...

Beautiful sketch! And the leaves are beautiful--it was a joy to rake this weekend!

smith kaich jones said...

Oh, you just made me laugh and laugh about Joaquin rapping and pretending you didn't read that - I avoid biographies about famous people and artists I love because oh! I just hate it when I know something I wish I didn't know & it colors the way I see them forever more.

:) Debi

PS - My word verification is tumblys and I think that's a fabulous word. The tumblys. I get them all the time. :)

Relyn said...

I love that you can see your novel alive and well in your head. Love it.

I also love the shiny trail of the internet. I've always called it the candy trail, though. It's hard to avoid that siren call, isn't it?

I did a lot of raking today, too. There's a picture of it on my blog that I think will make your heart happy. I hope so.

Happy Thanksgiving, dear heart.