{Echo} Week 2 "Decorate"

i read that in ancient times housewives decorated their windowsills with acorns in the hope of protecting their home against lightning strikes by appeasing the red-headed thunder god thor.

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what i have been doing instead of blogging: (though so many days i think about blogging)
*nursing a cold
*dressing up as a vampire for halloween
*babying a crazy painful neck crick
*but also celebrating my second low tumor marker number. whoo--hoo!
*going to see bright star with a dear friend
*hiking on the chesnut ridge trail
*hanging out with tiffany at the art museum
*but mostly i have been writing on the WIP (a work-in-progress novel). is it crazy/silly/unrealistic of me to think i might actually be able to complete this or better yet, have it to the point i can actually share it? for so long it seemed too big a project for me to even comprehend. i felt as if i were in over my head...but now....just maybe. i am seeing pages of scenes coming together to form chapters and loose ends are weaving their way together in ways i didn't predict before. after mexico i had to completely start over. i trashed 50,000 words but the characters would not leave my head so i began again. now, thoughts of the story and the characters have me skipping through leaves and dancing. how can this be? i feel so joyous i would turn catwheels across the yard if i could. it is making me that happy. truly. today i have four whole hours to devote to it. four glorious hours. mainly, i am putting all other artsy endeavors below this one, just for now, because this is where a big part of my heart is- though painting will happen this weekend. i have promised myself, because a piece of my heart is there also.

"The very least you can do with your life is figure out what you hope for. And the most you can do is live inside that hope. Not admire it from a distance, but live right in it, under its roof."
- Barbara Kingsolver

wherever you are i hope that you are living in your hope.
peace and love,

p.s. and a special thank you to N. for acorn hunting with me.


Jennifer White said...

I love this shot, Tricia...the detail on the acorn is stunning. How was Brightstar? I think I will put that on my list for this week...maybe an afternoon matinee possibly... xo

Susan Tuttle said...

i love, love your Echo interpretations!:)

How are you dear one:)?

Relyn said...

How was Bright Star? I keep hearing about it.

NO! Emphatically no it is not crazy, silly, or unrealistic to think you can finish this novel. I am so, so eager for your to share it. She captured my imagination from the first time I read about her on your blog.

I live so much in hope. I am trying to give my hope hands and feet.