I was going through some of the pics I took in California. There aren't many and most were taken from the car or as I sat up in the hotel bed. The image below represents a good day for me. I was back in the hotel after days in the hospital; I was able to move my arm enough to cut words from an old book page I had brought with me, tucked into a Cloth Paper Scissors magazine. It was my first creative act in months and I remember the way I felt more healed after the poem than before. I remember the look of happiness on Kelly's face when he saw me moving the tiny paper words around like puzzle pieces, searching for the right fit. And it was the same day that Olivia, "Mimi, you are sounding like your old self again."

And this was taken my first evening in California. It was getting dark but I just had to see the Pacific Ocean even if it was only a glimpse. This was near Imperial Beach and it was like a big affirmation to me, saying yes, yes, you are going to heal and make art again.


penny patten said...

Love This!!!

Relyn said...

OH, and you are. Making art. Healing. Writing a marvelous book. Spending precious time with those you love. Raising a remarkable daughter. All of it; one great B I G YES!

smith kaich jones said...

I read this words & absolute stillness came over me. Truly. Drawing oneself home always. What a heart-filled, inspired set of words. How wonderful it must have felt to find those exact perfect words, to tell yourself that you may have forgotten for a little while, but you remembered now how to do it. I love this little piece/peace.

:) Debi

misty said...

hello dear Tricia,
i hope you are healing and feeling more strength to make more of your beautiful art.
i feel at a loss for words after reading all you have been through and yet you still manage to produce & share so much beauty and you sound so brave and as always, you continue to inspire. you ares uch a gift.
take care. xoxoxo

Angela said...

Tricia, I love the poem so much. And the fact you could make that in the midst of such an ordeal says so much about the strength and beauty of your spirit. Thank you for sharing it. "I can draw myself home" -- an inspired double entendre.