A morning...
*of watching Olivia as she weaves on a cardboard loom using the book---Kid's Weaving by Sarah Swett--- as her guide. I have never seen her so excited about a craft. ever.
*of sorting through our homeschool books. The time of lesson planning and being organized is almost upon me. {we school all year with tiny breaks throughout but our official start date for the next grade level is October 1.}
*of oogling a neighbor's pear tree. i have been doing some observing and it appears each year that the pears go unpicked. maybe this year i will go and knock on his door and ask, very sweetly of course, if i may pick a few. rumor has it that he is a meanie though...and his driveway is long.

*of chai tea and celebrating work done over the weekend on the second draft of able's story. i managed to get some good research done. i also changed a few character names and upped the stakes a little for my main girl...or at least i hope i did. the writing thing is a wonderful pasttime and i am still loving every minute, even the tough what-in-the-world-do-i-do-next parts! it is like walking a big labyrinth, not know what is around the corner, but trusting there is an end.
*and of good quotes. here is one for you.
lines from p 36 in the book--The Tao of Motherhood by Vimala McClure"
If you want to know what to do, learn to look at things upside down.
To receive, you must give.
Silence speaks louder than words.
Here is an exercise: When you feel a hardness come around your heart, go soft and explore the sensations and feelings that arise. Feel what is beneath anger: thousands of tiny moments of pain, confusion, doubt, fear, self-protection. Accept all this as part of you.
Look on yourself with kindness."

I wish you all a wonderful Monday. Namaste,


Jo Wholohan said...

Hi Tricia!!!!
Im still pottering too so no worries about our swap :)) I keep starting something and end up not happy with the results, i think this house building is getting to me LOL

Be in touch soon xx

this is life.... said...

oh my, your banner is enough in itself to stop me and make be be still. then your words, your thoughts, the links you share, and your photos, you are such a find and i am craving time with you soon, i hope... i will pick a date soon and hope it works for you...
keep on sharing your lovely self and thank you. xo

lindaharre said...

Tricia.....I love your work and just wanted to thank you for your sweet words on my blog! I admire you for home schooling! I was a teacher most of my life and don't know if I could do it.....every subject and all (I was an art teacher...ha..ha)!

Amy said...

I think you should take the chance and walk up that long driveway. Maybe he needs a friend.

Brandie said...

About Somerset Studio...

Honestly... I can not think of anyone else more deserving!

Congrats my friend,