Isn't this the sweetest top? I found it last year at Goodwill but Olivia would have nothing to do with it then. I left it in her closet, hoping that she would change her mind. When she walked out of her room yesterday wearing it, my heart did a little flip. I love to see her in clothes like this. Innocent and sweet.

It did much to brighten my mood...I hurt my back the other day-working on the kitchen walls I think...I have tried to pretend all is well but excuse me while I whine and moan for just a moment... My back, it aches in a new place. Between my shoulder blades and up my neck. I am accustomed to lower back pain but this seems worse as if makes difficult to move my arms and turn my head. This will hopefully be the last day of it as I have much to do in the next few days and the house is looking as if a tornado moved through while I had my eyes closed.

So, if you can move freely today, do so! Dance around, shake and shimmy one time for me.

OK, back to the ice pack.



Amy said...

Love the shirt! I too enjoy finding quality cast offs that others have lost love for. My kids are usually pretty excited to find things they love at the Goddwill!

Hope you feel better soon.
I will dance for you :)

curious girl (lisa) said...

hi there! thanks for visiting me and I am loving perusing your gorgeous art journals. I'm so happy to find a VA blogger too and am super excited that you have lots and lots of archives for me to browse. hope you feel better soon.

Valaine said...

I love that sweet shirt! I hope you feel better soon.

Pilar said...

That top is so sweet...it reminds me of the one's my tias would embroider for me when I was a small child. I do hope your back is feeling much better. There is nothing worse than pulling a muscle in our upper back or shoulder. Sending you healing prayers!