I am a person that thrives on being at home. I might profess, even loudly, that I like to travel and be spontaneous but don't listen to me. Not a single word. I am happiest when my days are lightly planned and I can be at home for hours with my family and my books and paints. I am a homebody.
Have you seen the movie Nim's Island? I could SO see myself as living the life Alex has in the beginning of the story.
That's rather a sad thing in a way isn't it?

Today is a good day. We are home and plan-less for the first time in a long long while. There are goals for today like
prime the kitchen walls, answer emails, and write a little on Able's story (i am still trucking along in the second draft and loving every second!) but there is plenty of room for daydreaming and long walks. For stopping to feel the breeze and for making homemade muffins.

I have been meaning to share this pic for a few weeks now. LK Ludwig's book True Visions: Authentic Art Journaling pg 45...two spreads from my journal. I would be writing to say how much I love this book even if I were not blessed to have those pieces
alongside so many artists I admire.

The photographs below are of two of my most recent "found poems." I believe this was the title LK gave to the process of clipping words from old books and putting them together in a new way to make a poem. I had been doing this process for a while but without a name and without the frequency I do them now. (thank you LK!) I try to do at least three or four poems a week. They are one of the tools I use now to tap into my creativity before I paint or write. They help me loosen up and trust my intuition. I urge everyone to try it. Olivia loves this so it's great for kids too.

And lastly, a drawing of Able and her pet crow Grimm. This is a page from my journal and unfortunately the drawing did not turn out as I wanted. I still have yet to draw her as I see her. My skill level just isn't there and at times I want to throw my pencil across the room but I will keep trying. Months ago I found an old photograph of a girl who bears a close ressemblance to the girl I see in my mind as I write. Perhaps I should try a digital collage instead. My goal is to illustrate each scene after I write it, not really to ever be seen by another's eyes, some aren't much more than stick figures really, but just to help me in getting deeper into the characters and the setting.
When I began the endeavor of writing down this story I am not sure that I ever saw myself going this far with it and each time I pick up a novel I am stunned at the amount of work and time that went into each page. Bravo to you writers out there!

book currently reading: the adoration of jenna fox by Mary E. Pearson
fave song today: pork and beans by Weezer


littlescrapsofmagic said...

Your found poems are lovely; my favorite is the first. I only wish that I could draw as well as you!

Sharon said...

Enjoyed this post. Love your found poems and while I try to do this I always feel rushed. Maybe because I do it AFTER a painting instead of BEFORE. Thanks for inspiring me.

Valaine said...

Beautiful and thoughtful journal pages! The drawing of Able is beautiful, but I know what you mean about not being able to draw a character the way you see it in your mind. I have had the same frustrations! I have used cut up words before in my art to form sentences but I never thought about making them into poems. That sounds fun! I will try that out soon. Good luck on your kitchen! We finally got the cabinets back up. All I need to do is a few touch ups! I often thought of you too :)

Susan said...

Hey Tricia, I, too, am a homebody and very happy about it. I have also wondered how folks ever get their books written, so much goes into it. I guess that perseverance pays off. If only we really had time to do it all. The found poems are a lovely idea. I usually try not to hurl my pencil too far, not only do I have to hunt for it, but it usually needs sharpening. Hang in there sweet friend. Hope to see you soon. Susan

littlepiecesofart said...

Hey girl...

I so wish I could journal like that... It is so beautiful.

take care... hopefully we talk soon,


bridgette said...

congrats tricia on being in LK's book! I recognized your work in there even before I read your name. :)

Relyn said...

I so loved The Adoration of Jenna Fox that my heart did a little jig when I saw that you are reading it. Wonderful, wonderful book.

carla said...

Hello Tricia ~ Your journal pages are rich and beautiful! Congratulations on having the opportunity to share them in LK's book:) I use found poetry in my classes, both when I am teaching poetry writing and as a way for students to search for the essence of a piece of literature. It's quite amazing what they come up with, and even the most diehard "I-can't-write-poetry" kids find themselves feeling very pleased. That's the fun part of teaching, but more and more, your musings about being a homebody really resonate with me. I would love nothing more than to be home every day, arranging my time around the things that I enjoy most ~ art, coaching, reading, writing, cooking, puttering... It just feels "right" in a way that going to work outside the home doesn't anymore. Anyway, I am so glad I stopped by for a visit and see the lovely work you're doing. Perhaps when it comes to drawing Able, you could tap into the same intuitive energy you use when choosing words for your found poems. She's already there in your being. xxx ~ carla

Tiffany said...

Wow! You are amazing, you artist-goddess, you! Can't wait to see you again!


lindaharre said...

Beautiful poems from another "home body"! I love nothing more.....and cringe when I have too much on my calendar:( Love to be free to do as I please:D I always thought that came from working since I was 15! Never having any large amount of time for myself....always running to the next event, class or duty. Now retired....I must say I am the happiest I have ever been:D:D:D:D!

katie said...

so beautiful, i love your work tricia. and the darling shirt for your daughter too, my kind of clothes :-)

Pilar said...

Found poetry! What a beautiful name! I think that suits your style perfectly. I love the fact you are using this as a jumping point to dive into your painting and writing. I think your illustration looks pretty darn good. I can understand the frustrations though. I think we all have thrown our pencil or brush across the room at one point or another.

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