Where have I been?
Ten days since the last post and I do believe I have been at each and every emotional extreme during those 240 hours.
I have been joyous and well, skipping down country roads, imagining wildflowers around each bend; I have been sick on the couch, watching Buffy on DVD and praying for the waves of nausea to pass.
I have celebrated an email all the way from the west coast, an email that left me so grateful and honored I was in tears and giddy for hours.
The day before that I had cried different kinds of tears sitting in Panera with a hand over my grieving heart as a dear dear friend of many years broke the news that she is moving away and then crazily within the space of an hour I was laughing once more at her silly tales and planning with her the grand adventure that will soon be her new life.
I have visited art stores and found supplies to make a new journal, shared secrets and ideas with new friends and old ones.
I have danced all around the house to my new fave Paul Simon song, Love Me Like a Rock.
I have held myself upside down in downward facing dog pose and then held myself present and still and upright, studying the beauty of the vine growing slow along my window's edge.

And today we have ventured out of the house for the first time in days. I sit here at the library writing this post as Olivia participates in a henna tattoo workshop. A woman is loud in the chair beside me as gabs on her cell phone. I shoot her my best evil eye. My sighs are deep-but I am grateful for the sun warming my arm and the wealth of books within reach. As my friend Lucia would say, "It's all good." Hope all is good with you.



eb said...

love this glorious word ride and your new journal pages!

xox - eb.

Amy said...

I enjoy visiting your blog. You have such great images always to show. I wait with anticipation for the page to open!!
:) AMY

Everwild said...

Hmm, not one chicken dance in all those 240 hours? Man, we *have* to fix that. Good to see you are well and flitting between butterfly and busy bee.

Happy arts and days!


Anonymous said...

oh the ups and downs that come and go even with each passing hour... and in 240 hours, whoa, now that's a lot of emotions to cover. it sounds like even with the downs you are keeping on the sunny side...
hoping to get together and share a day here soon.
lovely photo. xoxox

Beth said...

what a ride you took us on....up, down and all around....thanks for sharing it with us !!!

rebecca said...

seems like you are stopping to smell the roses in life. it is indicative in your writing. one word to describe this post: glorious!


Valaine said...

I'm in love with this photo, it reminds me of a pair of glasses tempting me to view the world through its lenses. I wonder what I would see?

Deb said...

It is days like this that really make us feel alive... the whole spectrum of emotion. Falling exhausted into bed at night and loving all that life has to throw at us. I hope that you are doing well - I think of you often! xox Deb