9 things i loved about today:

1. rediscovering my love of paul simon. rockin' the treadmill with my ipod and singing 12 times --it's a short song--at the top of my lungs( sorry neighbors---)the song, "diamonds on the souls of her shoes." do you know this one?

2. continuing my kings of leon crush...love "red morning light" ---great for my less often acknowledged rocker side. what about this one?

3. having a sweet mother and daughter over to drink tea, eat pizza and play with craft paints. jennifer got all wild and painted with broccoli. well, i did say that anything could be used to make art! i adore my white paint squiggle that turned with a few more lines into a melancholy elephant.

4. this little hedgehog film... 5. sweet popsicle kisses from olivia
6. taking time this morning to get lost in pages from tiffany trent's first book in the hallowmere series...have i mentioned how much i heart this author?!! hugs to tiffany.**
7. playing in my journal, getting it all down. giving myself permission to not hold back. this journal is one i can let go in and not worry about it being read. i do not worry about run-on sentences or punctuation or spelling.
8. more doodling..

9. how the day turned into a day of simple play and good times.

i have hopes the next few days will be filled with much of the same. my stepdaughter is with us and olivia walks on cloud nine when she is here. my biggest project will be stripping more wallpaper but i am looking forward to getting rid of the busy pattern and replacing it with soothing solid color.

have a wonderful 4th won't you? make something that reflects who you are right now, right this very second.


Leah said...

yes! i do know that diamonds on the souls of her shoes song. it's one my favorite paul simon songs. :-)

love the drawing too.

happy fourth, tricia!

Susan said...

Also one of my favorite P.Simon songs. Have a great weekend and have fun with the wallpaper. Hugs.

Valaine said...

You are such an encouragement to me! What a great day you had! I'm glad to see you were able to exercise, and have fun at the same time :) We should keep our promises to ourselves shouldn't we? We wouldn't want to let those we love down - then we shouldn't let ourselves down either right?

Southern Sugar said...

Just found your blog, I love it!

Relyn said...

I just found my way to you from A Fanciful Twist. I am so glad I did. This is a lovely blog full of inspiration. I think your artwork is amazing, and I wouldn't be surprised if your journals weren't published some day.