"The world needs dreamers and the world needs doers. But above all, the world needs dreamers who do.” --Sarah Ban Breathnach

It seems as if my shoulders are a little less tight today, my breathing more even and deep.
I am content.
Yesterday I was a dreamer and a doer and I adore days like that.

A trip to an art exhibit at a local college,
thrifting with a friend,
a journaling session, working on old pages, prepping new ones
drawing practice in my newly and thankfully clean art room
a bit of late-night exercise

Even though those last three things are usually written on my to-do list they are much too often ignored.(especially the exercise part). Rarely do I accomplish all I set out to do in one day.

If I take the time to truly listen I can hear my heart telling me that art and exercise and meditation are the keys to living my authentic life. Why do I make it so difficult? Why do I so often put myself, my health last?
Is there something you long to do but aren't?

I have another list today and there alongside good family time, housework and grocery shopping are written the words--"take time to do something for yourself!"

And I will. I have made myself a promise I intend to keep this time.

Blessings for a lovely creative Sunday,


Valaine said...

I started commenting on your post and found myself blogging instead. So I stopped typing here and later I am going to my blog to post what I was going to say here :) It is so much easier for the words to come when I know that I am writing to someone who will read it.

---I wanted to say that I feel the same way. It is so hard for me to put my health first and exercise. I've been so busy with getting chores done that I have not had much time for art either. My heart aches for my life to get to a simpler place.

Also, Your artwork is beautiful and inspiring.

Jennifer Conway said...

Yes, I feel the same way too. The chores, hubby, kids....always come first. I'm inspired by your post (and your beautiful artwork as always!) - let's all find a little time to nourish ourselves too!

Jo Wholohan said...

Beautiful artwork Tricia, i LOVE what you are creating here :))

Susan said...

Just stopping by to say hello. Hope you have a great week. Hugs. Susan

Tiffany said...

Amazing artwork! Just amazing. And yes, doing something for ourselves is often the hardest part of doing anything.

See you tomorrow, I hope!


Deb said...

Such gorgeous artwork - but am particulary taken with the " I see you in everything" piece - it certainly speaks volumes to me. Hope all is well and that you all have a wonderful holiday weekend.
xox Deb

Bonnie / Graybonnie said...

"I see you in everything"....the golden eye is so intense. Love it!

eb said...

hi Tricia - sending you loving thoughts and what a pleasure to visit you - my lists are rarely all crossed off... love your spirit...

xox - eb.

Relyn said...

I want to eat better. Not just more healthfully, but to slow down and enjoy the whole process. Sometimes feeding a family - even a small one like mine, can be such a chore. I want to find a way to make eating less an activity and more an art.