The Big Art Room Clean Out

photo taken at our history museum
I can finally write that I had time to make art this weekend! (A lovely feeling to be able to write those words.) Four hours to myself on Sunday afternoon and I settled by a window and painted. Pure pure bliss is was but oh, it went by much too quickly!
A ballerina was completed along with a piece for our library's altered art group show on the 31st.
I had planned on sharing those with you today---but alas--my camera battery is on it's charger. Tomorrow, hopefully.

My mom spent last night with us and kept me company as I cleaned deeper into my art room. I have a few batches of rubber stamps and some stamping magazines already listed on ebay and more things coming. The plan is to list some vintage photographs and fabric this week so stay tuned...maybe even some original art pieces. They seem to be calling out for me to let them go.

Blessings to each,


Heartinmyhand said...

Four hours all to yourself, oh how wonderful. Glad you were able to do what you wanted

Sharon said...

Oh when you said "settled by the window and painted", I knew exactly the feeling. I have moved a desk in to paint at and it's by the windows and I had no idea how much I was missing when I was over there in the other spot.
That bit of vintage in the photo is beautiful and I must say the colors are inspiring me.

Susan said...

It was great seeing you at the library. I know the show will turn out great. I am looking forward to seeing your new pieces. Hope you bring the suitcase that you painted, it is so nice. Grab your video camera and come to the Grandin Saturday and join in the fun. Hugs.