Absorbing it All

Well, the last time I wrote here I was heading north to Hampton and then I seem to disappear didn't I?
I have a tendency to do that, to get overwhelmed with my day-to-day life and not wanting to share the stress, I become a hermit. I kept waiting for a calm morning that this time was slow in showing itself. Today we are having a slower morning, still one filled with division and adverbs (preparing for Olivia's 3rd grade test) but we are doing it all in a relaxed and gentle way, no rushing about; we are stopping to read a picture book about Matisse or make a catnip toy for the kitties. One thing falls into another. The sun is bright in the room and smiles are abundant. The word "glorious" is the first that comes to mind.

I really want to post about Art and Soul which seemed to go by in a colorful flash but I doubt I can put into words the experience and I was only there for two and a half days. How do the ladies who go for the five days process it all? I am amazed at the ones who do.

I think I took this photo before or after Vendor Night. I wanted to show my friend Katrina that I wore the knitted headband she made!

The first night there at the hotel was Vendor night. I loved seeing, and meeting in some cases, so many of the wonderful artists I admire. LK Ludwig, Carla Sonheim (Olivia gave me the task of purchasing something from her--her "favorite artist in the world") Stephanie Lee, Tracie Huskamp, Leighanna Light, Doris Arndt, and Michael Demeng. Conversations were brief as the room was packed with others wanting time at each artist's table. There were vendors I never even got to visit, not being willing to elbow my way in but I left there happy with three antique book illustrations, some gorgeous upholstery fabric in red and gold and a wonderful journal made by Carla Sonheim as my gift to Olivia. Friend and roomie Marni scored a lovely pair of earrings and other goodies.

LK's class ---a preview of her upcoming book about artist journals titled---True Visions-Authentic Art Journaling---was two days of learning and working on our journal pages. It was everything I thought it would be and she was as beautiful, gracious and inspiring as I imagined. Truly. The class atmosphere was relaxed and each person generous with their knowledge. In the class was a blog friend--Elizabeth Bunsen. I loved to watch her work-I love how she got lost in her art which was just as colorful as her much loved blog.

In the class we worked with metal mesh, stencil making, transfers (which I couldn't stop doing!) and stamp making. We did creativity exercises and wrote "found poems" and experimented with ways to make cool backgrounds. I could keep naming things-my mind was racing each night as I reviewed what I had learned in the day and how to use it in my journals/art.

We each had our own large table and as you can see I still spilled out onto the floor. Actually by the end of class I think we were all utilizing our floor space. I met another blogger--Lesley--a paper artist also in Virginia--she worked on the table nearest mine and we chatted as we worked. I loved our conversations!

One of the coolest things for me was that LK was the first mixed media artist whose work I felt a deep connection with. I recall seeing/ studying/ loving a page from her journal showing herself pregnant, birds surrounding her. In other pages she used photos of her children...Something clicked in me then...I journaled sometimes and I took lots of photos...I could combine them? and it was that very moment whole new worlds opened up to me.

Another highlight was seeing a glimpse of my own art in LK's book...just a sneak peek. I was giddy, just absolutely giddy inside. LK also read passages from her book as we worked...Wonderful stuff. You are going to want this book. Trust me. I couldn't get enough. July 1st! You can pre-order here.

Once back from Art and Soul I spent one full day outside. While at the retreat I did not venture out of the hotel much and woke up Tuesday morning feeling a strong need for sunshine and dirt. Olivia and I built fairy houses and planted seeds.

The rest of the week zipped by with school work and ballet practice each night to prepare for the big performance of Anastasia over the weekend. Here are some pics from the Sunday evening show. I was a proud mom on Mother's Day! Olivia seems to have found her heart's passion in ballet and nothing makes me happier than to watch her dance.

Olivia front row in blue--this is her as a "townsgirl".

Olivia is the squirrel on the left.

Olivia is the second from left.

The first photo is ShaLeigh Comerford as Rasputin and the last photo is Christina Page as Ananstasia .

From that night on until today I have been down with the yuckiest of all colds. Lots of noise coming from me and I don't like it, not one bit. So much sneezing and coughing! I am detemined though that today will be the last of it. There are too many wonderful things going on this time of year to be down for any length of time.

Hope all is well where you are.



Susan Tuttle said...

I am loving this post Tricia! What an amazing time you had at A & S - I so wish I could have been there too.

Vendor night sounded like a whirlwind of fun - how special that you got Olivia one of Carla S's journals - bet she loved it.

Olivia looks adorable in her dance costume!


Susan said...

Tricia, so glad you two swinging chicks had fun at Hampton. I will be expecting lots of new art at the show (how's that for pressure). Hope you feel better soon. Hugs.
Susan K.

Sharon said...

I so enjoyed this post and reading about A & S and most of all seeing your little ballerina. Oh yes makeing farie houses. I want to do that.

Beth said...

I also loved the class I took with LK. She was so much better than some other "high end" instructors I've been with and her laid back attitude helped me so much to relax and just play with my art with no expectations.
My class with her was at VR or...

This year I'll be taking classes with Nina and Misty and I'm so excited.

It's been awhile since I've said hello to you...remember me, beth from seasidedreamer ???

But I've moved on to a new blog... and I'm having lots of fun with it. I don't think it's much different than my old one, but everyone tells me it is.

oh well....it's good to connect with you again.

* mY fRiEnDs cALL mE Rella * said...

Look at her!! Sweetness and light, tiny ballerina. How I wish for you these moments could linger and linger . She is so dear this little, old soul of yours.

I'm delighted you were at A&S to mingle with others and enjoy the artfest and all the eye candy. It does one good.......and then it feels wonderful to head back to all that is your comfort and joy.

Beautiful post.
xo Rella

eb said...

Tricia - such a delight to meet you - and like wise such a delight to read your account of A & S - I am just now re-acclimating - all of your observations I will concur with - and likewise the joy at getting outside - your ballerina daughter is just as lovely as her Mom...

hope to see you again...

xox - eb.

MNScrapbookmom said...

The photos of your daughter are brilliant. I know that somewhere in my parents basement there are photos of me in similar costumes - and likeness. Oh, I wonder when I will see them again. Someday, I hope.
I am really admiring the photo of you and your headband. I think it is a wonderful photo.
Your daughter is such a lovely young girl. :) ¥