showing me her ballet feet

This morning my daughter Olivia gave me the sweetest of all good morning kisses, just before she squeezed me tight and said, "Oh Mimi, I love you like the morning light."

She knows just when I need a hug, she reads my every mood like a fortuneteller. She hasn't called me Mimi in a while. Did she know it would be like the softest lullaby to my ears? Mimi was what she called me when she was first talking, having trouble with the words Mom or Mama. I took on the name and loved it. (I have never liked the name Tricia) Mimi stuck and for a while it was all I was called by others as well, my mom, my husband, my stepdaughter all called me Mimi. I grew to think of myself as Mimi and then gradually I was Mom, and then Mama and only Mimi on occasion.

Sometimes I miss that, sometimes I have difficulty with change, with her growing up. I want to hold on to everything.

I am learning to let go.

Ahhh...but Olivia, she is a sweet soul. Sometimes she is the teacher and I am the student. That is just the way of all children I am told.


Sarah said...

Very Sweet.

* mY fRiEnDs cALL mE Rella * said...

Oh........the sweetness of this encounter with Olivia. A treasure. And the photo of her pose. I love it.

Hugs to you dear one.
xo Rella

Amy Wagner said...

I really love that you shared this story. I also find that it is hard to deal with the growing up of my girls.Where do the years go to? I long for the times they sat in my lap to have a favorite story read to them for the 100th time. I wish I could dress them in little ruffly socks and patent leather Mary Janes. We too have special words and names that have stuck from long ago when their language had just begun. It is music when those names or words are spoken unexpectedly.
Your daughter is a true treasure for your spirit.

Cambria said...

How sweet! I just call my Mom, Mom or Mommy. I love your blog. Elizabeth Williams has you listed on her favorites and that's how I found you. Cambria (12)

Susan Tuttle said...

What a lovely picture of your daughter - precious!


Anonymous said...

Delightful..from a mother with NO daughter..Please believe me...you are blessed

Laura Irrgang said...

Great, graceful little shot of her dancey feet. I like the cropping, and how soft the light is in the background.