Last Monday Olivia and I had the good fortune (thanks to my dear friend Kim) to be in the group who participated in a talk via satellite with Robert Swan in Antartica! He was so incredibly inspirational --my new HERO!--and we left with a deeper knowledge of renewable energy and even more ways we can help save the Earth. Go Robert! You can learn about him and the rest of the team here.
After the talk we went for a walk in our downtown area, soaking up the sun, and the beauty of the day.

You can always tell when I am hard at work on the fiction writing. I am absent here in blogland when I am present there. I don't seem to be able to juggle both and I am just getting that it's ok. I have entered into chapter 12 --somewhere around the halfway point---and feel the weight of the project's enormity and my inexperience. At times it seems the smartest thing to do would be to give up on the whole idea and then I remind myself of how far I come...oh, but look at how far is left to travel, how much still to learn, I counter. Back and forth I go with this.
So, thank you for continuing to visit here and thank you for being understanding of the absense.
I look forward to some time this week when I can visit with you and see all the creative things you have been up to...


Regina said...

What a lovely day you had!
How exciting that you've come so far with your book!
May it continue to be an adventure for you.

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AscenderRisesAbove said...

a fun assortment of photos. i especially like the one of you holding the little girls hand and her smiling so broadly directly at the camera. endearing!


cynthia korzekwa said...

what a lovely way to spend the day!