Your job on Earth, therefore, is not to learn (because you already know), but to remember Who You Are. And to remember who everyone else is. ---Neale Donald Walsch
We left this morning in a mad rush leaving my stocking hat forgotten by the door and I had in my haste put on the coat with the newly broken zipper. No problem as we were just headed to an indoor science class I thought. But when after class, two moms, K and N, suggested the park nearby I almost passed, thinking it too cold, we had too much still to do this day. Yet something told me to go.
And I am so glad I did for there is pleasure to be found in brisk air that awakens and clears the mind. (how is it that i so often forget this?) There was beauty waiting in the blue sky, in the children's laughter. I just had to open to it. The other moms noticed it too, the simple beauty of the afternoon.
Sometimes it just hits me how important our girlfriends are. One of the mommies, K, is facing a personal health journey of her own that is much more immediate than mine. She was diagnosed with lymphoma and begins chemo on Friday. Her posture was that of a warrior. I was/am so amazed at her. She was Sekhmet, the Goddess of Bravery today, with her hair shorn and ready for what awaits. I took a good long look at her today and at my other friend, the way their eyes were lit up with joy, the way they passed out encouraging words and there was never an end to the kindnesses. All of the saying about the treasure of friendship is true and I find myself at this moment being extremely grateful for each and every dear friend.


Sharon said...

"Remember" is beautiful. I just love the colors that you used or maybe that you did not use. I can't seem to paint in this beautiful (almost colorless) palette. You inspire me to try maybe this weekend.

Judy Wise said...

Lovely post. I wish you the best.

Kate I said...

I just found your site recently and am enjoying both your images and words...your grace and beauty shine through!

Sending you thoughts of vibrant good health.

sue simpson said...

I've missed seeing you here. I love the composition and feeling behind your work. Your words are true and fruitful. I am guessing your book will as welcoming as your blog, if not more so.

keeping you in my thoughts and prayers.

Susan Tuttle said...

My friend,
I am so very sorry to hear that you are dealing with a health issue - my heart stopped when I read your last post - but your amazing spirit, strong to the core, and your loving family will all pull you through this.

I am also sorry to hear of your friend's illness. You are right - girlfriends are so important - we can get through so much with them by our sides.

Just know you are in my thoughts.

Big Hugs,

carla said...

Hi Tricia -

I also read your last post, and I want to send you my best healing energy. Keep taking good care of yourself and be sure to do whatever you need to do to get better. I love this painting - it's strong and introspective and very touching. I know exactly what you mean about how wonderful the air is and how it really can clear your head - and - how easy it is to keep driving by those parks and paths just because you're in a hurry to be somewhere. I'm glad you stopped and shared the goodness with your friends. Finally - congratulations on finishing your draft!!!! What an accomplishment! Hugs to you:>

katie said...

i've found personally than my difficult health issues have brought out the very best in me, showing me what's most important and giving me the strength to align to those ways i can support myself. sending my warmest thoughts and prayers of healing and strength to you and your friend. beautiful artwork too...

Jamie said...

I was at the park yesterday and I remembered your words here and I took it all in. Thank you Tricia. I am keeping you close to my heart. Love, Jamie

e. beck said...

your mindful words touched me .... i'm off to email a pal ... thanks

sue simpson said...

Hi Tricia,

I've sure been thinking about you lately. I hope you are doing well.


Pocket Full of Prettys said...

Oh my gosh, what talent. I love your work. I have always been facinated with faces. I just recently found your blog & can't wait to see more.

Leah said...

sending loads of healing vibes and love your way. the painting is gorgeous!

sue pieper said...

Absolutely beautiful painting, so full of emotion. My best to you and in beating down this health issue of yours. And have to say that you're right about friends, they're essential sometimes to just get through the day.